Friday, December 21, 2012

Rich Chocolate Brownies {from a box} - {12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GOODIES}

Rich Chocolate Brownies

Brownie Recipe number ..... 5... 6... 10... 14... I've lost count, but I am not complaining at ALL. I know one day we will find that ONE, that ONLY brownie recipe we will make for all eternity (haha, until someone else shares another NEW recipe, that I just MUST try). But for now my son and I are having so much fun trying (and eating) all these delicious brownie recipes.

This one we LOVE because it's from a box (I know, I know), but it's so easy and it tastes so GOOD! I am telling you, making brownies from scratch is not easy, to thick, to cakey, to mushy, to dry and never moist enough. From a box is OH so perfect. This is a box recipe, twisted into something better.

Rich Chocolate Brownies
recipe found at Sweet Treats & More

1 pkg brownie mix
double the number of eggs called for on box
Milk or Heavy Cream in place of water
Oil (whatever it says on the box)
1-1/2 tsp vanilla
2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips
Powdered Sugar (for sprinkling)

Preheat oven to 325. Mix all ingredients together. Mixture will be thick.  Grease a 9 x 13 in pan (or use parchment paper and cooking spray). Bake for about 35 - 40 minutes.  

Let brownies cool in pan, sprinkle with some powdered sugar over the top just before cutting them. If you used parchment paper (which I love), just pull the whole batch out of the pan, no scraping the bottom of the pan) and try cutting with a wet sharp knife. Perfect brownies every time. 

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