Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Tonight was my first Biggest Loser Challenge weigh-in and I am thrilled to be down < 2.6 > lbs. I did great this week, eating was great, exercise was great, water was great and I feel good. But, there is always room for improvement and this week starting tomorrow I will be tracking my calories and see where I can improve there. I was shared this great app and I can tell you I am in LOVE, it's so awesome to track your calories (no I am NOT being paid to say this), it's called My Fitness Pal, there are two things I like MOST about it. First, you can SCAN all your food, yep, just scan the label and it enters everything for you. I am not only trying to stay at 1200 calories, I am also trying to eat a certain amount of protein each day and this shows ALL of that to you with just the press of a few buttons. It;s wonderful and it's really made me STOP write down what I put in my mouth and decide it the calories are worth it or not. And when I run out of calories for the day, guess what? I have to stop eating, great concept.

I will say I've made alot better choices this week already with the calorie counter. Here are a few things I've changed since I began this diet on January 8, 2013.

Photo 1: I purchased a bag of Flax Seed and Chia Seed and have been trying to incorporate 2 tbsp per day. I've read all about both seeds and they both seem to have great advantages and I couldn't decide which to go with and so I am doing both. I bought a bag of each, mixed them together and I store them in the freezer. I've been able to add this to salads, yogurt and even hamburger meat that I am cooking for the whole family (and they don't even notice).

Photo 2: Doctor says take a Fish Oil a day, and so I've just started to try this ONCE again. Also I am doing a multi-vitamin, because everyone says I should. I have know real knowledge that this will improve my health, but I am doing it because they said so. And that's that!

Photo 3: YEP, no one told my co-worker I was on a diet. He bought me a Super Big Gulp Pepsi. I gave up diet soda about 3 years ago when I figured out that the fake sugar is what mostly causes my migraines and I've never looked back. I do crave soda still and if I need it I have the real thing. So, I took a few sips and passed it on to my son when I picked him up from school that day.

Photo 4: Try having a 13 year old growing boy who is STARVING everyday after school and be on a diet at the same time. Yep, I've driven him thru the In-n-Out drive thru a few times and I didn't even cheat, NOT ONCE! So proud of myself.

Here, are some quick snap shots of my meals and my snacks, this is my first week at trying to be healthy and NOT eat that In-n-Out Burger. Eating more vegetables (yes, that is a whole cucumber you see there, it gives me that CRUNCH), more fruits and no fast food. I know I can do this, and I am truly on the road to being healthy and happy (at the same time).

Photo 1: Whole Cucumber and 10 Baby Carrots (with 1 tbsp homemade onion dip, my downfall)
Photo 2: Activia Yogurt, 2 Slices of Fresh Deli Turkey and 2 Pieces of Havarti Cheese
Photo 3: Peanut Butter and Sunflower Seeds on 2 pieces of Celery
Photo 4: Activia Yogurt, 1/4 Cup Blueberries and 1 tbsp Flax/Chia Seeds
Photo 5: Portion Control 1/4 cup of my favorite Trail Mix from Sprouts
Photo 6: Lunch was Shredded Roasted Chicken Breast, Whole Cucumber and String Cheese

I am going camping this week and my first "out to dinner" since the diet started, so wish me luck, because it's a Buffet. Just gotta fill up on salad first and then some chicken or other protein, and hopefully save enough calories by having a protein shake for Breakfast and Lunch.

Starting Weight: 182
Tonight's Weigh-In: 179.4
DOWN < 2.6 > lbs
Goal for Next Tuesday Weigh-In: 176
Challenge Goal Weight (10 weeks): 164
Ultimate Goal Weight: 139
Myself and My Hubby on New Year's Eve 2012
 (Celebrating our 14th Wedding Anniversary)


  1. It sounds like you're doing great!! Keep it up. You're snacks look good. Keep good things in the refrigerator and you'll be good. If you're not already, make a plan everyday too. I find that dieting works so much better if I have a plan.

    I have a 13 year old boy too that wants to eat absolutely everything in the house!!!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss so far! That is awesome! Your doing good!


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