Saturday, February 9, 2013


HAPPY HAPPY it was weigh-in on Tuesday and the contest is almost half way done. We are now at Week 4 and I FINALLY, yes FINALLY lost weight. And it was 2.2 lbs, I was thrilled, more then thrilled. All my hard work, two work outs per day, and eating lots of healthy stuff has finally paid off. Now, let's hope I can repeat and repeat again. (Oh, did I tell you I am out of town for 4 days at a Bed and Breakfast, Lord, give me strength on all this delicious food, photo to the left). I ate all my fruit FIRST, filled up my tummy and then ate half the quiche (and yes I ate the english muffins, they were homemade). But I did do a 20 minute work out in my room this morning before breakfast and brought Jillian Michales 30 Day Shred to do today after lunch. I've got THIS!

Shake Photos: I am hooked on Protein Shakes. I make them every morning and they are never the same. I probably couldn't even write up a recipe for you because there are no two that are ever alike. I will say that I add 2 tbsp of Flax/Chia Seed, usually a tbsp of Cottage Cheese or Greek Yogurt, 8 oz of water and 1 scoop of a Protein Drink Mixture from Herbalife into every smoothie. Then I add in a vegetable or two and a fruit here and there and that's my morning smoothie. The fruits and veggies I use are Apples, Sweet potatoes, Jicama, Avocado, Kale, Banana, Berries and even got a Pear and Pomegranate this week, pretty much anything is a go.

Chicken: This week I made 4 chicken breast just for myself for lunches everyday. Me, not wanting to eat the same thing everyday I decided to make four different kinds of chicken. Two of them I used rubs I had the the others were two recipes I found, one is Honey Garlic Chicken. This worked out great and I will for sure be repeating this process with probably four different recipes next week.

Snack Time: Computer, Blogging, and Lap Top is always needed for snack time and some edamame.

Starting Weight: 182
Tonight's Weigh-In: 176.6
DOWN this week  <2.2> lbs
TOTAL loss for this challenge <5.4 > lbs
Goal for Next Tuesday Weigh-In: 174
Challenge Goal Weight (10 weeks): 164
Ultimate Goal Weight: 139

Myself and my Friend Cynthia at our Scrapbook Retreat in Twentynine Palms


  1. Excellent! I need to get with it big time!

  2. I need to join you in this great quest...blessings to you...we know that with God all things are possible!


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