Wednesday, February 13, 2013


This is week 5 of the challenge, but there was no meeting and no weigh in (it was the half way point too and I was very bummed about the no weigh-in because I worked so hard), so needless to say I have nothing to report (as far as weight loss or weight gain). According to my own home scale, I think I stayed the same, but not for certain.

I had a few million food challenges this week with being out of town for four days at a scrapbook retreat, but I tried to over-compensate for this by making some healthy snack choices (apples and greek yogurt, nuts for snack, dip made with greek yogurt and lots and lots of salads) and I left the scrapbook room twice each day to do some kind of work out. We tried a Bob Harper pinterest post I found when we first woke up in the morning, I brought the 30-Day Shred Video from Jillian Michales which we did each day and one day we went on a 2.5 mile hike, and pretty intense hike. I defiantly got in more exercise then I ever have at a weekend scrapbooking event and this made me very proud of this small improvement in my exercise regiment.

My food intake has stayed the same, my snacks are still going very well. I am enjoying my protein shake every morning with lots of different recipes (I also love that I am cleaning out my freezer of all the half baggies of fruit that I've stuck in there). My shakes are never the same and always have a very wide variety of fruits and veggies included in them.

I love having the Special K cereal with Almond Milk for breakfast (this was today's breakfast when I ran out of the house and forgot to make my shake). I have a box of cereal and a half-gallon of milk at work, so there is no guess work and I don't need to stop at fast food when I am in a hurry.

I also keep Smart Ones at work, at only 200 calories this really helps when I am in a hurry or didn't bring a healthy lunch to work, at least it's a healthy choice. It's simple, it's easy, they are cheap and usually have them on hand for back up.

One of my many protein shakes this week (with kale), and yes I did blend the kale in.

And tonight's dinner I am calling "Everything but the Kitchen Sink" Crock Pot Chicken. I do not like to waste ANYTHING, and almost everything can be frozen. When I have a half of bell pepper, a cut up onion, some mushrooms or even fresh parsley that I can not use up in the week, I clean, chopped and freeze. This does amount to numerous baggies that collect in my freezer (I have a small Tupperware bin that I throw them all into inside the freeze. It keeps them organized) and sometimes it's just time to clean them out. Today was the first time I did this chicken recipe and it felt SO GOOD, it felt GREAT getting all of that out of my freezer (and it's all fresh ingredients still) and it felt good to finally make something healthy that can carry me through the week. I am cooking a whole chicken in the crock pot, that I will later shred and use in a multitude of recipes this week.

This NEW V8 Fusion is a wonderful drink. I can't wait to get back to the store and buy some more. And here is another simple snack, peanut butter and celery with 10 baby carrots.

(last weeks stats) 
Starting Weight: 182
Tonight's Weigh-In: 176.6
DOWN this week  <2.2> lbs
TOTAL loss for this challenge <5.4 > lbs
Goal for Next Tuesday Weigh-In: 174
Challenge Goal Weight (10 weeks): 164
Ultimate Goal Weight: 139

This is one of my diet tricks, snack on cucumbers! WHOLE cucumbers, over and over again and whenever you are hungry. I buy them by the dozen when I am dieting and they really help that crunchy, need to snack feeling especially after work when I get the munchies. (don't judge us we are in our PJ's scrapbooking away in the dessert)!!!


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  1. I need to become more serious about my weightloss. Maybe I should start by buying a scale so I can at least track my weight. Great snack ideas, I don't snack a lot, my downfall is huge dinners!


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