Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Weigh-In

2009 My HAPPY weight (left side weighing in at 150 lbs)
May 2013 My HORRIBLE weight (184 lbs, my heaviest ever)
March 2014 MY "GETTING IN SHAPE" weight (168 lbs, with 16 more lbs to loose)

The first photo in still my INSPIRATION picture. I CAN do this! I WILL get there again!

It's been a few weeks since I've checked in, and maybe it's just because there is NOTHING to report! It's up and down and down and up! Not really ever making a BIG SIGNIFICANT change and it's frustrating. But, I do LOOK better! I do FEEL better! and I am LOOSING inches! The scale is just NOT moving!

I've had a few vacations and had a few lazy weeks here and there, but I've also continued my exercise week after week and even while on vacation I did IT! I really did go to the gym and I did the group water aerobics in the pool. (and I felt it)! I was SO sore (on vacation) for two days, but it felt great, and was worth it.

I am STILL determined to GET FIT in 2014. My little group of friends on facebook help me out here and there. It's great to have accountability and it makes the ruff times better.

My RESOLUTION for weighing in every Wednesday is really truly helping me stay on track! It's hard to watch the scale every week and NOT make changes each week to try and improve my results. And when the scale is NOT moving it's even better to have measurements to see progress in other ways. I measured this week too and I am happy with my progress. Weighing in is only HALF, shrinking and building muscle is the other HALF of the equation. I don't measure as often and weighing, only about every 3 months. Since January, I've lost almost 1" all the way around, this too me proved I was still heading in the right direction even though the scale isn't moving.

(photo credit from Pinterest with no link, sorry!)

Total Weight Loss
Down 15.2 lbs

Starting Weight (May 28, 2013)


Last Week's Weight (March 19, 2014)
Today’s Weight
This Weeks Results
<1.2> loss
Orange Shirt 184 lbs (almost one year ago next week!)
Purple Shirt 168 lbs (LOVING the way I look and feel!)

Challenge goal weight (in the next 8 weeks, April 30, 2014):
Dream/Ultimate goal weight:

LIFE-TIME Goal:  I would love to be in the 130’s, and yes I don’t even care if it’s 139. I am posting my weight here because it's said 

"Coming to terms with the number on the scale can aid you in your weight-loss”.
(photo credit Pinterest)

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  1. Your doing great! I understand! I have been working out like crazy all year and the scale is not moving! Making me crazy! Be proud of yourself! Your doing so good!!! Keep us updated!!


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