Friday, May 23, 2014

Cooking and Couponing

Cooking and Couponing two of my favorite passions (among other things, like scrapbooking and family vacations) but for blogging these are my two passions! I've been a coupon'er my whole life, well for as long as I can remember. But this year I have gone full-force, maybe that's why my recipe blog posts are down, I am couponing too much? Believe me I am still cooking up a storm, I have so much FREE or next to nothing food I am getting with coupons, couponing has definitely taken over and I LOVE it. I love chasing the deals.

While I don't intend for my blog to become your "coupon source" for finding deals, I will leave that up to the experts (which is NOT me). I will though share my deals, my cool finds and my weekly shopping trips here along with continuing to make delicious food and create new recipes. I DO miss blogging. (Thank goodness for that iphone app, I am seriously in love.) 

Here is my deal of the day, a quick Albertsons trip with my out of pocket cost (OOP) only $3.53 YEP! Only $3.53 for 8 bottles (see above photo), average price of .45 cents each. Now that is a GOOD DEAL.

OOP (out of pocket)
MFG (manufacture coupon)

Kraft Salad Dressing (on sale) $1.99 (Buy 4 get $4.00 back instant)
$1.99 - 1.00 mfg = .99
$1.99 - 1.00 mfg = .99
$1.99 + 1.99 -.75/2 mfg = 3.23
total $5.21 - 4.00 mega sale (buy 4) = $1.21

Sweet Baby Ray's (on sale) $1.00 each
$1.00 +1.00 - 1.00 mfg = 1.00 (or .50 each)

Ken's Salad Dressing (on sale) $1.66
$1.66 - 1.00 mfg = .66
$1.66 - 1.00 mfg = .66

Most grocery store sales go from Wednesday to Tuesday, so you've got plenty of time to run out and grab this deal. Good Luck and Happy Couponing.

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