Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NEW Pinterest Board with "GOOD" Links to Old Recipes!

So, I've started a NEW Pinterest board. This is going to be a LONGGGGGGG LONGGGGGG process. But I am determined to get everything back in WORKING ORDER! Sooner or later! 

For those that haven't visited in a while, all my LINKS to all recipes are all broken. So if you've saved a recipe link or pinned an old recipe you like, most likely the link with say "that page can not be found", but do NOT worry, the recipe is STILL HERE, someone where. This happened when I had an error on my blog and someone tried to help me and basically destroyed my entire blog in the process. 

All OLD Pinterest Links do NOT work either, so PLEASE RE-PIN your favorites from the NEW board!

So each day, even if I just fix 5 or 10 recipes. I will DO IT! It may take me ALL YEAR! But here we go........ Here is the NEW Pinterest Board, so make sure you follow it for all the NEW links to my OLD recipes!

P.S. ALL RECIPES are still on my blog. Do NOT worrry. The search engine has not caught up to itself and therefore recipes are extremely difficult to locate. The LINKS that DO work are in the right hand side.... archive by months or just category links, these DO WORK! So feel free to click around there too looking for your favorite recipe.

IE: Here is what WILL work, is if you have the original LINK (saved or pinned) you can look at the complete LINK:


(the original post date is September 2012... see in the original LINK above... you can then click on the archive in the right hand column 2012 / September / and then click Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce) 

Here is the NEW LINK for this recipe (as I've gotten alot of request for this)


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