Thursday, May 22, 2014

Homemade Family Pizzas

I am super thrilled about the Blogger iPhone app (I know I am behind the times)! I am sure it's been out way longer then I care to admit but I am just thrilled that I have it now and believe me this will increase my blog posts tremendously.

I take all my photos on my iPhone and I do use iCloud but sitting down on a computer and getting all that stuff from one place to the next is just too much work (okay, not really) but it seems like it just never gets done.

Here we go with my first iPhone post. 

Tonight we made family pizzas, we haven't done this in a long time. There really isn't a recipe, only a few tips. 

We had Spaghetti last night, which is why homemade pizzas were on the menu for tonight. We like to use left-over spaghetti sauce for pizza sauce. It's great because it already has some ground-up hamburger meat in the sauce (I gotta get in the protein whenever I can, my son thinks he is eating cheese pizza, but I know he is getting a little something extra), we just add in a small can of tomato paste into the left-over spaghetti sauce to thicken it up, use that as the pizza sauce and presto instant pizza sauce. 

One of my daughters and my niece created their pizza masterpieces first.  My son and husband wanted nothing to do with making them, so I made theirs for them, but they sure enjoyed eating them.  Everyone agreed they were delicious.


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