Product Review Information
If you are a vendor, MOMS CRAZY COOKING would love to partner with you for a product review or giveaway! Please contact me by email,

I enjoy reviewing any products that are geared towards cooking, baking, or anything else that would pertain to my site (or my CRAZY LIFE as a mom). I would be more than happy to consider your product for review. If you would like me to review your product on my website, please provide me with an actual product sample. I must try the product myself in order to give it an honest review. I also ask (when possible) for a second sample of the product to use in a giveaway; this gives my readers more incentive to read, review and actually try your product. Any products shipped to MOMS CRAZY COOKING will be reviewed and posted on my site.

Web Site Disclosure
This website was conceived and designed by Tina Messick-Hudgens. All photography is mine (I am NOT a professional photographer and I will do my best to do justice to all food I photograph). All photos are copyright by me and may not be used without written consent (but please feel free to email me if you’d like to use a photo; in most cases I will say yes, JUST ASK FIRST). The focus of this website is food and personal scrapbooking. I do not always make up my own recipes, but I make lots of recipes I find from blogs and magazines; I will always give credit to the source that I received the recipe from and if I have made an error I will correct it immediately.

Guest Posting
My site was created on September 7, 2010, although it is still new I am of the mind set to grow it and grow it big. I am more than willing to trade post and guest post with any other blogger. Please contact me and we can guest post on one another’s sites.

Please feel free to share; post or facebook any of my postings as long as you give credit where credit is due. Thank You!

Thank you for considering partnering with MOMS CRAZY COOKING. Please send or submit any PR inquiries, pitches, product reviews, or questions to Tina Messick-Hudgens by email.
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