Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lucky Charm Yogurt Cups

The Luck of the Irish.... St. Patty's Day is coming... and this will make any kid smile (even adult kids). My 18-year old daughters this morning thought this was the best breakfast ever (and not too bad on calories either). I love this combo of 50/50 yogurt and cool whip, I will be using this again soon. We did this as a quick breakfast, but the original web site glammed these cute things up for a fun festive party dessert. Either way, they are cute, adorable and taste good too!

Lucky Charm Yogurt Cups
recipe found via Pinterest at Rock UR Party

2 Yogurt Cups (any flavor, any color)
2 (yogurt) cup fulls of Cool Whip
Food Coloring
Lucky Charm Cereal

Mix the yogurt and whipped topping, 50/50. I used the yogurt cup that the yogurt came out of to measure the cool whip. We used Strawberry Yogurt with extra red food coloring and Coconut Yogurt with yellow food coloring. Two yogurt cups makes about 4 to 6 parfait size servings.

Layer in cups, starting with the yogurt or cereal, no preference – about 2 heaping tablespoons for each layer. Make sure to add enough cereal to cover the yogurt, so they don't bleed together.

Serve immediately, the yogurt will get warm and the cereal soggy if you don't eat right away.

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