Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pinkest Baby Shower: Other Goodies & Dessert Bar

We had so many fun treats at this baby shower, here is just a few more easy, fun and delicious ideas.

Dessert Bars are a fun new idea for all kinds of different parties, this is actually my second one I've ever made and they are so much fun. I am planning on doing my next dessert bar all black and gold for my daughter's high school graduation. I am not on the hunt for anything and everything white, gold (yellow) and black. Send me ideas or a link if you have any.

I made some quick White Chocolate Cherry Bark. No recipe needed. You melt some chocolate, add in some cherry candy (sold at our local cake store), sprinkle with some sprinkles and let it harden. Break apart and you've got some instant bark.

And there are alwasy the JUMBO marshmallows. They can be covered in any color chocolate, sprinkled with any color and with a stick added in they make the perfect dessert bar treat.

Jumbo White Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

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  1. Your display is absolutely gorgeous and fun. A very inviting table of treats that I am sure were or will be enjoyed by all.


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