Friday, March 30, 2012

Heart Brownie Bites

Here are the cute and adorable Heart Brownie Bites from the cutest baby shower ever. This is the last dessert recipe from our PINKEST BABY SHOWER event. These too were delicious. I know the Heart Marshmallows are around only at Valentine's Day, but these brownies could easily be made with those CUTE bunny marshmallows that are out now for Easter or just regular ole' white marshmallows would work great too.

Heart Brownie Bites
idea found at A Pumpkin and A Prince

1 box of your favorite brownie mix
1 bag of Heart marshmallows (other shapes or just plain white will work too)
White Melting Chocolate

The recipe is quite simple. Fill a mini muffin pan 2/3 of the way with brownie mix and baked them for about 13-15 minutes. As soon as you remove them from the oven while they are still hot, press marshmallows into each one. The heat of the brownie slightly melts the bottom of the marshmallows, keeping it in place. Once they are completely cooled, then melt a few melting chocolates in a ziploc baggie, snip off the end and drizzle over them.


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