Wednesday, October 17, 2012



My weekend was JAM PACKED, I held a 3-day garage sale and raised $1,050 dollars for my son's Washington DC and New York City field trip, and today I am leaving on a plane to Missouri but not before I announce the winner of the APPLE PIE challenge. It's time for that CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE ultimate recipe. The Apple Pies were kind'of all over the place from apple bars, to apple pie cookies and then the traditional apple pies, which is what we were looking for. But, in all fairness, I wanted to promote the apple recipe that received the MOST hits.

I am LOVING the NEW CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE and it's simple rules, the easy link up and all all the information being delivered in one post (on the 7th of every month), no more pouring through 100+ emails every week. Yes, I really think I am gonna LOVE LOVE the new CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE, I hope we can get some more followers and bloggers who want to join in with us, because it truly is alot of fun. You can click on the tab and read all about the challenge and join us next month as we search for the ULTIMATE Stuffing (dressing) Recipe.

Today, I am excited to announce the winner of the challenge, voted on by you the readers and bloggers. If you missed the post or if you are new here make sure you go back and check them out...  APPLE PIE RECIPES !

The Ultimate Recipe is chosen from the blog that received the most traffic/most clicks from the linky party. Did you know that our little challenge received almost 18,000 hits in one week. You guys are AMAZING!

Now, let's announce the October WINNER of the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE.

The Ultimate APPLE PIE Recipe

We'd like to thank you for sharing your recipe with the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE. You deserve a big round of applause and you are entitled to the ULTIMATE CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE BUTTON, please feel free to grab it below if you wish and post it proudly on your blog.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the bloggers who participated.


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