Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today, is a perfect day to announce the MOST POPULAR Chocolate Cake Recipe from our challenge last week, February after all is the "Celebration of Chocolate Month". We are in our sixth month of the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE; and life couldn't be better! After all what is better then CHOCOLATE ON VALENTINE'S DAY! I know you won't actually be eating this cake today.... unless you get up RIGHT NOW AND MAKE A CHOCOLATE CAKE for your Valentine. Or, if you wish to save some calories you can just gaze at all of the 83 Chocolate Cakes from last week!

We had 83 bloggers (yep, 20 more then last month... it's catchin' on) search and blog about CHOCOLATE CAKE and the amazing recipes that showed up WOW! I now have about 10 more chocolate cakes that I MUST try! If you missed the linky party, check it out CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE - Chocolate Cakes. The Ultimate recipe this month is being picked from the linky that received the most traffic/most clicks, and actually I am going to feature TWO Chocolate Cakes this month. We've had over 41,000 views in just one week of this linky party! And the TWO recipes that received the MOST clicks (doubled from last month and received over 400 clicks each). A-MAZ-ING STUFF!!!

If you want more details about this challenge or joining this challenge for next month read all about it here. We will be baking and blogging about the ULTIMATE Spaghetti Recipe. Please come join us!

Now, let's announce the February WINNERS of the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE.
This title "The Ultimate FUDGE Recipe" is given to:

The Ultimate CHOCOLATE CAKE Recipe
Yes, it was my very OWN cake that was the winner. My cake got the MOST clicks..
this was the first month since this challenge started that my recipe was the TOP, so excited!!
I am so proud and so honored YOU guys picked MY cake! Thank You! Thank You!

BUT... there was another cake that was right behind my cake and so... I didn't want to just feature MY cake!
I wanted to include the other blogger and her cake too!

Now, this is a cake I MUST make as-soon-as-possible! Like TODAY! I really am hoping to get this made this week maybe for my sister-in-law who is pregnant and CRAVING CHOCOLATE. Thank you, Somewhere in the Middle for finding this recipe over at Art of Dessert and to my blog MOMS CRAZY COOKING for finding these three wonderful bloggers that made up this Whopper Cake Kevin and Amanda, Savory Sweet Life and Urbane Fruits  We'd like to thank all of you for sharing your recipe with the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE. You deserve a big round of applause and you are entitled to the ULTIMATE CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE BUTTON, please feel free to grab it below and post it proudly on your blog.


Also a BIG THANK YOU to all the bloggers who participated!


  1. Thank you again for hosting! I can't wait for next month! I already started experimenting last night!

  2. I was way too excited for all these chocolate cakes :) My son wants one for his 5th birthday next month and I was actually going to make the runner-up. I'm pretty sure he's going to love getting chocolate wasted! hehe

  3. HI Tina, Thanks so much for hosting. This was my first Crazy Cooking Challenge entry. It was a lot of fun and was a great way to make new friends.

    I'm looking forward to the Spaghetti challenge.

    Thanks again,

  4. Thank you so much for hosting Tina! I had the best time creating my Chocolate Banana Nut Birthday cake. Happy Tuesday!


  5. I'm not surprised at all - it was a show stopper!


  6. Congrats, Tina!! Thanks so much for all your hard work on the The Challenge ... I know it's a lot to coordinate. I enjoy participating!
    Tracey @ The Kitchen is My Playground

  7. It was a work of art Tina and completely deserved :)

  8. Tina your cake was stunning! For all you do you deserve this. Thanks. Andi

  9. A beautiful cake. Thanks for all your work and for the stunning recipe.

  10. Congrats, Tina. That really is an awesome cake. I like the chocolate malt flavor very much, and this may be the only way to get it as I can't seem to find the powder in the stores any more. I will be trying this one out soon.

  11. Your cake was beautiful, and I bet it tasted great covered with those crunchy Maltesers :)

  12. No wonder your cake won Tina, it's a definite center piece cake. Everyone in my family oh'd and ah'd when I showed them the picture. Cant wait for the spaghetti challenge. I've already picked and made my choice, and cant wait to share it.

  13. Thanks for hosting. Just wanted you to know that my chocolate cake is currently #1 for most hits on my blog! Being a barely three month old blog we're not talking huge numbers but I'm proud of my 149 hits for this posting. Thanks again!


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