Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It's National Cupcake Day!
Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas Goodies

Here's the list of the 12 Days of Christmas Goodies in case you need an idea (or two) for baking this year!

Day 1 - White Chocolate Spice Cookies
Day 2 - Munchable Mice

I hate saying this over and over again that "this or that" is another favorite in our house. But you have to know I ONLY post the good stuff and this will make it into that forever growing "favorite cookbook"! I was looking for a pumpkin flavor somethin' or other and came across these cupcakes. (I have to say I cheated a little on my 12 Days of Christmas Goodies, as I have NOT made these since Thanksgiving). They were just SOOOOO yummy and I had to share the recipe with all of you and I HOPE to be making these again soon (and of course will decorate with some festive Christmas sprinkles). But for now this photo will have to do!

Pumpkin Cranberry Cupcakes (or mini chocolate chips)
from Calm in the Kitchen

1 1/2 cup vegetable oil
3/4 cup white sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup buttermilk
3/4 cup pumpkin puree
1 tsp vanilla
3/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 1/2 cups flour
1 cup dried sweetened cranberries (or 1 cup mini chocolate chips, I have some family who do NOT like cranberries)

Mix oil, sugars, eggs, buttermilk, pumpkin and vanilla together with a mixer on low until completely mixed. In a seperate bowl mix flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt. Add the flour 1/2 cup at a time until done. Stir in the cranberries. Scoop into cupcake tins lined with papers and bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes!
I have found my FAVORITE Cream Cheese frosting. And this has been a LONG process. I love how thick this frosting is and I love the tatse!

Cream Cheese Frosting
this is NOW my GO-TO recipe for any cream cheese frosting recipe I need! (LOVE IT!)
from a friend Carol

8 oz cream cheese - softened
3/4 cup butter
1 tsp vanilla
4 cups powdered sugar

Mix all together in mixer and blend until fluffy!

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If you would like to play along on the 12 Days of Christmas Goodies Blog Hop Party, feel free to link up a recipe or two of some GOODIES you are making this year. And if you wish to add this BLOG HOP PARTY to your own post, see below for the link and add it! You and your readers will then be able to see all the recipes people link up right on your own blog. (What a FUN and COOL idea! Gotta LOVE Mr. Linky)

Looking for the 12 DAYS OF CHRSITMAS GOODIES Blog Hop....

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