Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ultimate Thanksgiving Left-Over Casserole

I actually created my very own recipe last night. I am such a creature of habit and I follow every recipe exactly. I do what it says and don't like to sway too far. But... last night I had this brilliant idea and made an awesome Thanksgiving Left-Over Casserole (ha, someone else probably has made this before, but that's okay, this is my creation this time). This casserole was SO good (and I normally don't like casseroles, I don't like my "food" to touch each other). This tasted just like a Thanksgiving dinner AWESOME, DELICIOUS, MOUTH-WATERING and perfect to make with all the left-overs we had. You may only have one or two more days until those left-overs are ready to be thrown out, so if you have anything left then I encourage you to make this recipe, you will not be disappointed.

Ultimate Thanksgiving Left-Over Casserole
recipe by Tina Hudgens

Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
1/2 cup Gravy
1/2 cup Chicken Stock or Chicken Broth

I used a 9x13 pan (yes we had that much left over), but however much you have left. If there is enough for an 8x8 pan or smaller that would work just fine too. First spread the mashed potatoes in the bottom of the pan. Just as they are (cold from the refrigerator). Next take 1/2 the stuffing and mix it with your cranberry sauce. We used our homemade whole cranberry sauce, but whatever you have. The can stuff will work. Then spread the stuffing on top of the mashed potatoes. Next is the turkey; layer your left over turkey, I just shredded it with my hands and layed it all over the top of the stuffing. Top it with the other half of your stuffing. Then pour on top the gravy and chicken broth (I did this because I didn't want it to get dried up and it DID NOT... so I guess this trick worked)! Cook in the oven for about 1 hour and serve hot.

We all LOVED it... I even took some to a friend the next day, I guess that is serving left-overs as left-overs again. Kinda funny! She said it was so warm and comforting. So, I think this is a WINNER!
Now, we just have to have LEFT-OVERS to create this recipe again! I will be doing this again the day after Christmas with our Christmas dinner left-overs (I will make extra to make sure there is enough).

We are looking for recipes to put in the crock-pot
please link up if you have any to share. 

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