Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Skillet Potatoes with Bacon & Cheddar and HOLIDAY HOTTIES WEIGH-IN #2

Holiday Tips to Get it Done from Better Homes and Gardens: Write out a meal plan for ALL days there are guests at your house, not just the day of the big meal. (I will be hosting for the 2nd time my husbands family at my home for 10 days, they will all travel down and they will all stay in our house, we have lots of beds and lots of floor space for kids. There will be about 17+ people there. I have already starting planning the menu for the entire 10 days they are here.)

With all the YUMMY Thanksgiving recipes, my HEALTHY recipe for the week would be my
Pineapple Crisp for Breakfast or the Pumpkin Smoothie (which I had again this morning)!
Watch for this logo for healthy recipes this Holiday Season here on MOMS CRAZY COOKING.

My Holiday Hotties Teams are AWESOME!!  We are checking in with each other daily on our facebook group and this really helps when you want to grab that second helping, reach for that sweet or otherwise slack off. You always think of your TEAM! I hear the average person gains 5+ pounds during the holidays and I KNOW that is NOT going to be me this year! NO WAY, NO HOW!! My weigh-in last week Wednesday was 159.4 and today I am at 160 (I am a little BUMMED, but I know its because of what I ate yesterday... UM Spaghetti at a Restaurant and Ice Cream... WHAT WAS I THINKING???). This week our challenge from The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans was exercise minutes. I did NOT do so well with Thanksgiving, and shopping for 24 hours straight and decorating my house for Christmas (exercise was NOT on my schedule at all) I think I really need to STEP this up like no other, so TODAY, yes TODAY I am going to go to the gym with my daughters (WISH ME LUCK)!!!  I am in the adventure for the LONG-HAUL, and I know SOMEDAY soon I will reach 150 lbs (which is my first milestone I am trying to hit)!!! And now onto my NON-healthy recipe I am sharing and NO we DID NOT eat this this week. My daughter made this some time ago and it's just now in my LONG-LINE of posts. (But it is soooo good for a treat!)

Today I am sharing a wonderful potato dish. My daughter made this (from a recipe) all by herself, of course she refused to let me take a picture of her making them. But even so, they are delicious. She wanted to make them on Thanksgiving, but I couldn't give in. I wanted the traditional Mashed Potatoes (although, since our mashed potatoes did NOT cook properly, I should of just let her).

Skillet Potatoes with Bacon & Cheddar

4 slices Bacon, cut into 1/2-inch pieces (we use turkey bacon)
1 onion, chopped
2 lb potatoes (about 6), thinly sliced
1 cup shredded Cheddar Cheese
6 tbsp Sour Cream

Cook bacon in large nonstick skillet on medium heat until crisp. Remove bacon with slotted spoon, reserving 3 tbsp drippings in skillet. Drain bacon on paper towels. Add onions to skillet; cook and stir 5 min. Stir in potatoes; cover. Cook on medium-low heat 20 to 25 min. or until potatoes are tender, stirring occasionally.
Top with cheese and bacon; cook, covered, 1 to 2 min. or until cheese is melted. Top with sour cream.

We are looking for recipes to put in the crock-pot
and I would love to see some HEALTHY Crock-Pot Recipes,
please link up if you have any to share. 


  1. Amazing! I would honestly eat this with some scrambled eggs for breakfast!

  2. YUM-O! I think you had a good week!

  3. I posted a soup, I did not make in a crockpot but could easily be made in it. Hope that is all right. I wanted to post something and be part of this.

  4. MMM, these look comforting! Found you from a Tasty Tuesday Linky. Glad I did! Nice to meet you Tina!


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