Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bennigan's Monte Cristo Sandwich

This is now the PERFECT Monte Cristo Sandwich, my search is over (please disregard the previous recipe posted on MOMS CRAZY COOKING, because this one takes the prize!). A few weekends ago I was cooking, baking and helping my sister-in-law make some homemade baby food. We were talking about recipes and we got on the subject of a Monte Cristo Sandwich, we searched the Internet and came up with the exact restaurant that we remembered having these at; Bennigan's. This too is my dad's ultimate favorite sandwich of all time. (I sure hope my mom reads this and makes it for him; my mom doesn't like to cook all that much)

Well, we ran to the store in the middle of our cooking extravaganza and bought what we needed to make this awesome sandwich. Not only did I agree this was a keeper recipe, so did my brother (who is pickier than all of my kids put together), my sister-in-law loved it and all the little boys we had running around the house that day (I think it was at least 3 or 4) loved it too. Now, my quest will be to try and make this gluten-free for my daughter. (no easy task, but I will try)

Bennigan's Monte Cristo Sandwich
from CopyKat Recipes

9 Slices Wheat Bread (we used white and you need to use the thin sliced , not thick bread)
3 Slices Turkey
3 Slices Ham
3 Slices American Cheese
3 Slices Swiss Cheese

1 Egg
1 to 1 1/4 cup Water
1/2 tsp Salt
1 tsp Sugar
1 1/2 cup Flour
1 tbsp Baking Powder
Vegetable Oil (for deep frying)

Place turkey and Swiss cheese on one slice of bread and ham and American cheese on another slice of bread. Place third slice in-between and secure the triple decker sandwich in the corners with tooth picks.
Place egg in mixing bowl, add water and beat together. Add salt, sugar, flour, and baking powder. Beat batter until smooth.

Dip sandwich in batter and carefully cover all the sides and surface. Carefully place in hot oil (pan needs to be high enough so that the oil will cover the sandwich half-way up) and fry until golden on each side. When sandwich has turned a warm gold color remove from hot oil and place on paper towel. Let cool for a few minutes before removing the tooth picks. And before serving slice into fourths and sprinkle with powder sugar.

Serve with raspberry preserves.

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  1. We love the Monte from Bennigans - thanks for sharing this recipe! My husband will be thrilled!

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS! I so wish I could have this for lunch RIGHT NOW!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions. If you have time, come by and link up to Fun w/Food Friday tomorrow too :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Yum! Has Bennigan's gone out of business?

  4. Hi Tina,
    This is one of my all time favorite sandwiches. Your photo and recipe makes me want it right now. Thank you so much for bringing this great sandwich to Full Plate Thursday and please come back!

  5. That sandwich would be considered comfort food in this house....I love it! I want it!

  6. I can not wait to try this!!

    Thanks for sharing at What's Cooking Thursdays!

  7. Well, you've sold me! I've never been to Bennigan's but this looks wonderful. I'm printing it off right now... :) Thanks!

  8. Just a little tip from someone who use to work there, the way they did it at the restaurant was make the sandwiches, wrap them with plastic wrap and leave them in the fridge overnight, then the next day the world batter and fry them to order. Though i know this is posted like two years after your original post.


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