Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Family Meal Planning (3-21-11)

My grocery shopping went perfectly this week, my $150 dollars was spent at Farmer's Market and Costco! And how I ever got out of Costco for $133.00 bucks, I will never know. But I went in with a list and got JUST WHAT I needed, not wanted. So, there will be NO grocery store shopping for me this week and no coupon'ing either. Except yesterday, I went for a quick trip to Walgreens where I got two killer deals, that I was very excited about!

Walgreens deal of the week: my daughters SUPER DUPER outrageously expensive deodorant is $12.00 bucks, yes seriously $12 bucks each! It's Secret Clinical Strength SPORT, yep had to add the SPORT on there and $2 or $3 extra bucks for that, but I will tell you she SWEARS by it and says, it's worth $12 bucks not to STINK! Anyhow it was $9.99 and buy one get one half off AND I had two $2.00 coupon (which you can use one for each of them) $9.99 + 4.99 -2.00 -2.00 = $10.98 for 2 (YEP, SUPER HAPPY MOMMY!!! and both my daughters can rest assure that they will NOT STINK) and second deal was Kettle Chips (they are GLUTEN-FREE too) were $1.33 with a $1.00 coupon = .33 cents (YAHHHHHHOOOOOOO for ME!!!)  That's it, those were my super duper deals for the week!

Kayley (left) & Ashlyn
(Kayley is having the tests)
Well, it's gonna be a slim week for us in the meal planning department. With our final week of eating GLUTEN-FULL, so that my daughter can have her Colonoscopy and Upper Endoscopy this Friday (checking for celiac)! Your prayers.... are welcome, wanted & needed... it's always scary seeing your children have any kind of medical procedure done and I know she will be just fine... but we would love all the prayers we can get! Then as of Saturday we will be "attempting" to be a GLUTEN-FREE house!

Our Family Meal Plan for this week. I'd love to hear if you have any short cuts, tricks or tips.
Check back and we will link the actual recipe!
(not all recipes will become reality so if there is not a link, we haven't made it yet)

Scrambled Eggs on Toast (just that... no recipe needed)
Grandma's Pot Roast
Grilled Cesar Chicken Sandwich
Berry Smoothie
Cowboy Meatballs

click for the recipe: Grilled Cesar Chicken Sandwich
Also don't forget our weekly linky party
this week is "CHOCOLATE... CHOCOLATE... and more CHOCOLATE"


  1. Good Luck w/your daughters tests. My son has Celiacs and it has been an adjustment, but well worth him feeling good! I consider myself a good baker and OH MY did I have to learn how to bake GF. Although, it was a challenge the rewards of making food my son will eat and enjoy is huge!

  2. What beautiful daughters! Best wishes on everything you got going this week. I pray all goes well. I am excited to have found your site! Loving it!! Now your newest follower!!

  3. Prayers go out to your daughter and your family. Please keep us posted :)

  4. Prayers are with her and you!!!

    Sounds like a great meal plan! I love love your way of making the week.

    That sandwich looks fab also :) I'm your newest follower, lucky 199.

  5. Good luck to your daughter! Love the chicken cesar and thanks for sharing at the hearth and soul hop.

  6. My suggestion would be this: do not to replace your gluten goodies with gluten free goodies.

    I concentrated on whole foods instead and it was easier (no celiac, but gluten sensitivity). So instead of gluten free bread, I would use lettuce leafs. Or last night I had chicken salad over lettuce.

    I eat mostly grain free now, maybe a little rice occasionally and I feel incredible. Lost 10 pounds very quickly too. It's definitely been a learning experience since I used to eat wheat for every snack and meal.

    Make sure they test vitamin D levels as well. People are known to be deficient and that can cause a lot of issues (google it for more info!)

    Good luck to you and your family!

  7. Tina, I'm impressed with your planning and smart shopping! It's always a feat to make it out of Costco without breaking $200! I'm looking forward to checking out your sandwich recipe!

    Thank you for sharing another delicious recipe at "A Little Birdie Told Me...".

    I hope your daughter is doing well in the essay contest! I voted last week.



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