Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bird's Nest - Eggs & Potatoes (GLUTEN-FREE)

Today, is the day! One of my twin daughters has to officially start eating Gluten-Free (at least for now), until we have a for sure diagnosis (celiac or just an intolerance to gluten). But, starting today we will be going down an unknown path of GLUTEN-FREE. This recipe was so very simple and yet we were so happy to find out that it was all GLUTEN-FREE.

Bird's Nest (Eggs & Potatoes)

1 to 2 eggs
1 cup of frozen hashbrown potatoes
1 - 2 tsp of Grandma's Salt

Spray skillet with non-stick spray and heat. Add in frozen hashbrowns and begin to brown. Once they are completely cooked, spread them all out to the outer sides of the pan leaving a round circle in the middle of the pan. Crack egg, add to the pan; sprinkle with Grandma's Salt (or other seasoning) and begin cooking. For an over-easy egg let cook completely on one side and flip for just a second; then serve.


  1. oh, i am sorry about your daughter, but There are tons and tons of very delicious gluten free recipes out there! I am sure both of you would have lots of fun planning your next meals! And that bird nest of eggs and potatoes look like so savoury and delicious!

  2. Oh goodness, but what a sweet mom to find good recipes that are still yummy and follow the diet.

    This looks fab!

  3. Good luck on your gluten free journey! My hubs has celiac, so we are there with you. :) My little boy has ADHD, and I am likely going to start him on a GF diet too and see if it makes a difference. I'll be watching for yummy gluten free recipes. Take care!

  4. So simple! I don't know much about eating gluten free, but if you find more recipes like this it will be easy :) And I bet my toddler will get a kick out of it if I tell him he's eating a birds nest, haha.

  5. Dear Tina, thanks for stopping by I love your blog. And love your twins , I have twins too but a son and a daugther they have 17 years so nice.
    About gluten free, thanks God now they are many recipes gluten free.I think some blogs will be userful for you.
    PD OF course I voted for your daughter !
    huggs gloria

  6. I have posted a few really fun GF recipes on my site (just click recipes on side) I'm not sensitive to gluten but I do think that eating GF can be healther and easy on your digestive system. I just voted for your daughter too....I love moms who do all they can do to be smart about collage and scholorships oldest is only 10, but I plan to get research to find out ways to not have to fork over thousands of dollars!!!

  7. This sounds interesting...i've never mixed egg & potatoes like this before...good luck on your gluten free diet! :)

    Tnx for linking up at my party this weekend!

  8. My kids love dishes that have unexpected names like this one. I am sure it would be a hit...what's not to like with potatoes and eggs!?!

  9. Tina-

    My sons and I are gluten-free. It's so hard at first. It's been a year and now I can't remember what it was like to eat that way! Please let me know if you have any questions.

    I'd LOVE if you could share this with my readers tonight @Creative Juice Thursday. Party starts @ 7pm CST. Get your crafting shoes on. Hope to see you there...

    p.s. Udi's bread will be your best friend. Check out Elana's Pantry, Ginger Lemon Girl, and Spunky Coconut {all great blogs} for amazing GF recipes...


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