Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Meal Planning 4-11-11

Livin' out of the freezer; again! Don't worry, there is no shortage of food in there, since I always do stock-piling and buy extra meat and do freezer meals. But, believe me we are down to bare-bones. It's time to do some freezer cooking and SOON! I really wish I had a huge assortment of meals right NOW, the next few weeks are busy, busy! And it looks like it will be May before I have another freezer cooking day. So, what I will be doing over the next 2 weeks, is doubling up each meal I make and eat one and freeze one. At least that will buy me a little more time to stock up my freezer again.

I have my son's 12th birthday coming up, Happy Birthday Justin!!! And I am taking a trip to Florida with my twins and their amazing dance team. We are going to compete at Dance Worlds. (kinda of like the Olympics of the competitive Dance & Cheer world). Last year my girls team took 2nd place and this year we hope to do that or even better! It's an amazing experience for my girls and there are over 28 countries represented & competing. Awesome Life Experiences for them.

This week I've got some favorites on the menu and a few new recipes too! I missed the Farmer's Market last week because we were camping for my hubby's 50th birthday. The fruits and veggie tray at our house is almost bare. We will make due, lots of freezer fruits to use in smoothies and such. Now let's get to this....

Our Family Meal Plan for this week. I'd love to hear if you have any short cuts, tricks or tips.

Check back and we will link the actual recipe!
(not all recipes will become reality so if there is not a link, we haven't made it yet)

Crab Macaroni & Cheese (GLUTEN-FREE)
Logan County Burgers
Eggs & Sausage
Grandma's French Toast (GLUTEN-FREE)
Magic Sweet Potato Muffins

click for the recipe: Grandma's French Toast (make it GLUTEN-FREE or NOT!!!)

Also don't forget our weekly linky party
this week is "Egg Dishes/Recipes"

I LOVE Linky Parties, what a great way to mix and mingle with lots of bloggers! Today, I am sharing my Menu Planning & My BUDGET Grocery Shopping with: Just Another Meatless Monday, Midnight Maniac Meatless Mondays, My Meatless MondaysTip Junkie's Tip Me Tuesday, I'm and Organizing Junkie: Meal Plan Monday Frugal Friday, Frugal Free Fridayand GCC Shopping Round Up,

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