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Nutty Marshmallows from GUEST BLOGGER: From Grandma Loy's Kitchen

Let's meet Loy of From Grandma Loy's Kitchen, she is a almost 70 year old wife, mother, and grandmother. she has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Besides cooking, she enjoys knitting, sewing and quilting. She reads cookbooks like novels and spends way too much time reading blogs.  (me too Loy, me too! I love reading blogs and I hope when I am almost 70 that I am still blogging away with ya!)

Blog: From Grandma Loy's Kitchen

TAKE IT AWAY: I want to thank Tina so much for allowing me to guest post on her blog. This is so exciting for me. My name is Loy, and I blog over at From Grandma Loy’sKitchen. I am a fairly new blogger since I just started my blog in May. I share recipes from my vast collection with an emphasis on DIY groceries. I also highlight other bloggers in my Friday Finds and Cooking from the Blogs posts. Come on over and see, you might like it.

Today I am going to share a favorite family treat: Nutty Marshmallows. This is especially good for the holidays. I got this recipe from a friend and coworker at Sears many, many years ago. The recipe is quick, easy, fun and delicious and takes only three ingredients.

Marshmallows, toasted ground nuts, and half and half, whole milk, or light cream. These are best made with a fresh bag of marshmallows, but older ones can be revived with this recipe. Any favorite nut can be used, but be sure to toast them for best flavor. Since they are a main ingredient, each kind of nut will give a different flavor to the finished product. The half and half, whole milk, or light cream is used for dipping the marshmallows so use whatever you have.

A small, deep saucepan is needed for heating the half and half. If you have a small fondue pot that would keep the milk hot, that would be ideal. Left over half and half can be kept for a few days and reused.
Simply put, these are marshmallows which have been softened in the hot half and half and rolled in ground nuts. This is a fun activity to do with kids, with an adult doing the dipping and the kids rolling the marshmallows in the ground nuts.

Nutty Marshmallows
1 1/2 to 2 c. half and half, whole milk, or light cream
1 pkg. (10 oz.) regular marshmallows
3 c. toasted nuts, ground (nuts are measured before grinding)

Heat half and half in a small deep saucepan until very hot but do not let it boil. You want the half and half deep enough to cover a marshmallow. Start with the 1 1/2 cups, adding more if needed. Place nuts in a shallow container. Place a plate to put the rolled marshmallows on close by.

With a pair of tongs, dip a marshmallow into the hot half and half. Leave the marshmallow in for 10-15 seconds. Drop marshmallow into the ground nuts. Use a spoon to drop nuts onto the top of the marshmallow then roll to completely cover with nuts. Set onto plate to cool. Makes about 36 marshmallows. Put in a single layer in a shallow container and cover to store. These are best eaten within two or three days of making. At our house they never last that long.
I hope that you enjoy making these, they are sooooo good.

These are such a fun treat. I would love it if Loy was my neighbor and she brought me over a baggie of these for Christmas (hint-hint)! But for a really easy gift you could tie some cute red and green ribbon around a clear baggie of these fun tasting treats and deliver them to your own friends or neighbors.


  1. Tina, Thanks so much for allowing me to guest post on your blog. Have a great week.

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