Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Forgotten Cookies from GUEST BLOGGER: Chocolate, Chocolate and More

I first remember meeting Joan from Chocolate, Chocolate and More a few weeks ago through a facebook post. A desperate facebook post. I had just made a batch of Olive Garden Bread Sticks; copycat recipe and it failed. She commented on my post that she had made them and they worked! I hopped over to her her blog, grabbed her recipe and wah-lah a new blog friend. I signed up for her emails and I love all her posts. She is from a small town (only 4 stop-lights) I can only dream of visiting a place like that. Yep, that is as far off as you can get from me living in Southern California (close to Los Angeles), the busiest place ever.

And I love this quote from her about me page: "I  firmly believe that chocolate makes everything better.  The smell of something baking in the kitchen can completely change an attitude." I am going to have to use that, OFTEN! Oh and she says "In my house, we have dinner, every night, together, around a table (usually ours) with the television off. (We even ignore the phone if it rings.) We eat and we ....TALK. About whatever. No one can get by with silence" (can I PLEASE PLEASE go live at her house... I've always-always wanted, dreamed of and never had that). Don't get me wrong my kids and I are VERY close and we are together every night (but never around a dinner table, and with a husband who works some days / some nights and a ton of overtime), we take what we can get. Usually that means we run over to Disneyland after work/school for a few hours or fly to far off islands like Turks and Caicos (last summers family vacation) or we hop in our motorhome to go camping to get quality family time! But none the less.... I love her blog and I am sure I would love her family and I know she would enjoy mine too!


I'm so excited Tina invited me to guest post here at MOMS CRAZY COOKING! Every time I visit her blog I find so many good and delicious recipes, I'll never finish my "must make" list. And her link parties and the Crazy Cooking Challenge are so much fun, everyone posting the most amazing recipes!

I love the holidays, and I love to give homemade yumminess as gifts!

With all the holiday baking, you'll have recipes that call for egg yolks only. Well that will leave you with some egg whites.

And my favorite thing to do with egg whites is Forgotten Cookies. Some people call them Kisses, some call them Meringues. Whatever you call them, they are easy and wonderful to make, whether you have one egg white or 4, the recipe is so easy to scale.

Forgotten Cookies
recipe source unknown

1 egg white (room temperature)
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon cocoa powder (optional)

Just multiply your recipe for however many egg whites you have. And if you don't have cream of tartar, leave it out, don't worry about it.

Place eggs in a medium bowl and start whipping, with a hand mixer is easiest. Once your eggs turn foamy (white) you can add the rest of the ingredients. Continue whipping until stiff peaks form.

Now you can drop these as cookie size onto a parchment lined cookie sheet

But you can also make these bite sized, and it's easy. Take a plastic bag and place it in a wide mouthed cup, sides folded over. Then scoop your beaten egg whites into the plastic bag. Twist the top of the bag closed then clip the corner off the bottom of the bag. Now have fun, placing kisses on your parchment covered or silicone lined pan.

Place in a preheated 225 degree oven for 25-30 minutes. Turn off oven and leave in oven for at least 2 hours, or overnight. & Just "forget" about them.

Store in an air tight container such as a mason jar.

Chocolate, Chocolate and more
I am so excited about trying these cookies. I have never heard of them before!
Thank You so much for sharing!


  1. How cute are these?!?! I'm pinning these for later. Thanks!

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