Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bacon Pancakes

Now isn't that just the cutest little guy ever! That's my baby boy! (who is now 12 years old and would kill me for posting this photo). And check out that ancient computer in the back ground. WOW, we've come a long way!

My son LOVES bacon, his 1st and 2nd grade teachers called him "Bacon Boy". He really took bacon in his lunch everyday to school instead of a sandwich. He took bacon and a cut up tomato. Yes a whole tomato. Everyone was always shocked when they saw the tomato. And to this day he still loves them both!

With his love of bacon and his love of pancakes too! I saw this and thought WHY NOT? What a crazy way to serve up his two favorite things! You simply pour out your favorite pancake batter and add a piece of cooked bacon to the back side before you flip and then bam you have a wonderful Bacon Pancake!

Hard to photograph this monsterous pancake!

Bacon Pancakes
source of idea unknown

1 batch of your favorite Pancake Batter, homemade or from a box
8 to 10 pieces of cooked bacon

Start to cook pancakes as you normally would and before you fil it over add the full piece of bacon to the uncooked/wet side. Then flip. After you flip the back side will cook and then serve it up. Your little ones will love it!

Here is the handsome fellow now! He is my golf-nut! He loves to golf pretty much everyday and now he is in the 7th grade and already practicing with the High School team! 


  1. You know I was convinced by 'bacon' in the title :-)

  2. My boys LOVE bacon too! I also cook it, chop it up, & stir it in waffle batter for a fun surprise :)

  3. Love the computer - I think we had one just like it. I saw the title of the post and had to come over! Why haven't I thought of this before? Duh! Fabulous idea.

  4. Made and reposted this. Soo yummy! As much as I love bacon and pancakes don't know why I never thought to put the bacon in the pancake. Great idea!


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