Sunday, January 1, 2012


Here is the TOP 10 POSTS for 2011!

Today is the beginning of a Brand New Year, 2012! I read this quote today from a FB friend and just had to steal it! "A brand-new year... to live; to believe; to give; to receive; to fall in love; to share a smile; to walk an inch; to run a mile; to dive into sunsets; to forgive; to forget; to love where you’re going; to embrace where you’ve been; to take a deep breath, close your eyes... and begin. May the new year be filled with love, adventure, and dreams come true. Welcome 2012!! :)" - from a FB Friend Michelle WOW! That really says it all! Let's do this 2012!

This year we have so many exciting things happening. My husband and I will be going on a trip to Puerto Rico this month, in February my twins will be dancing in Minnesota, hopefully in April we will attend the Worlds Dance competition in Florida we have to compete for a bid first, and in March/April I will become an Auntie again, then we'll be off to Missouri for college stuff and the summer will be here and all of my boys will go on their annual boys only fishing trip, my son will be turning 13 years old and going on a cruise with his grandparents and then in the fall my twins will be leaving for college. Just writing all of this down I can't believe what a year it's going to be. And I am SO excited to get it started.

My ONE and ONLY New Years Resolution this year...

I am going to publicly announce here and now on my blog to all my bloggy friends my New Years Resolution, to loose 20 lbs. I will try and show my progress along the way, with my weekly "food journal" for all the world too see (well, the blog world at least)! I will write down everything I eat, and of course will share all of my "healthy" recipes too.

Yes, I am going to cook everyday, continue my blog with new recipes (because I LOVE blogging), and will begin again my quest to cook as natural as can be. Nothing from a can or a box. Oh don't you worry! I will still be baking and making lots of desserts too!

Let's get on to what was most popular for 2011.... there were alot of good recipes and a few favorites that will now be family favorites for years to come.

This amazing recipe is part of my cooking once a week from the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook. Everything I've made can be found here and every recipe I've made has been excellent. No surprise that this made it to number one!!!

Second year in a row this one single post has been in my Top 10. This post is actually from 2010, but it's so delicious and so yummy, no wonder why it keeps coming back year after year! It's a MUST try!

We love our crock-pot and finding new recipes, especially gluten-free is our favorite thing to do.

This is my NEW favorite favorite Christmas Cookie, that I will be making every single year! It is just amazing! Make sure you watch for the Candy Cane pudding around the holidays!

This fudge is SO easy. It's Frosting Fudge, so quick and so simple to make and comes out delicious! I've already made a few more versions that I can't wait to share with all of you soon.

I hope you have enjoyed these recipes as much as we have! I see by their popularity, you all love them too. If you haven't had a chance to make them, then I encourage you to put these on your "to do" list! Thanks to each and everyone of you who read my blog, I appreciate you and love your comments.


  1. Wow! You have so many plans for the year! I too would like to lose some weight, and do it all while still cooking healthy meals! Your list looks really good and tasty! Enjoy the New Year!

  2. Good luck with the weight loss!! I used this workout program and eating thing and it helped me lose 20 lbs after 3 babies and got me all healthy and strong. Of course, I'll be doing it all over again after this next baby, but I know where to start! I posted about it here.


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