Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cranberry-Turkey Quesadillas

Got Left-Overs? I hope so! I have a few recipes to share with you, so let's hope you saved some something from that amazing feast you had yesterday. If not, maybe the grocery store has some "cheap" Turkey's. I know I bought two extra ones and they are just waiting in my freezer and I only paid $10 bucks for! And you can bet I will be making them SOON! Fresh Turkey meat is way better than any lunch meat I have ever bought. I wouldn't be surprised if I add at least one or two more Turkey's in my freezer before this month is over.

This FUN quesadilla has been made everyday last year. After I made the Apple & Butter Turkey (a week early for my blog), I shared this recipe with my daughter and she has had it everyday since then. She LOVES it. I am sure there will be many more this coming week.

Cranberry-Turkey Quesadillas
adapted from Pillsbury Recipe Magazine - December 2005 

(makes one quesadilla)

1 flour tortillas
1/4 cup shredded cheese (use your favorite kind)
1/4 cup shredded Turkey meat (left-over fresh turkey works best)
2 tbsp cranberry sauce (we use our fresh recipe)
1 tbsp butter
2 tsp chopped fresh parsley

Heat a skillet on the stove top with butter. Spread cranberry sauce on entire tortilla. Sprinkle shredded turkey, shredded cheese and parsley on half of the tortilla. Fold over and put into the skillet. Heat on both sides until tortilla becomes crispy and cheese is melted. Cut into wedges and Serve.


  1. What a great leftover recipe and I can't believe your deal on turkey!

  2. Excellent idea - I'm pinning this one!



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