Monday, November 21, 2011

Oreo Turkey Suckers

Today, I made these CUTE Turkey Suckers with my niece Cheyenne in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I don't get to see her very often so this was a very special treat for her (and for me)!! She had never made anything like this before and she absolutely loved it.

I first saw this recipe on Pinterest, but there wasn't any instructions and no real recipe. I used my imagination and came up with a few of my own creative ideas.

We searched the grocery store for some creative cookies. The original face was suppose to be a mini nutter-butter (but one of my great-nephews is allergic to peanuts, we looked for an alternative and found mini-vanilla wafers) - PERFECT!!! I can't for all the kids to eat these on Thanksgiving.

Oreo Turkey Suckers
originally found on Pinterest, adapted by me

25 Vanilla Oreo Cookies
1/2 to 1 cup white chocolate melts
1 bag Candy Corn (use the brown or the original)
25 mini Vanilla Wafers
Pre-Made Eyes (from a candy store) or White & Dark Chocolate (to make your own)
Red Chocolate, cut or some kind of red candy for part of the beak
25 sucker sticks

Separate all of the Oreo cookies, you can do this carefully by pulling and twisting at the same time. Melt a little bit of the white chocolate at a time, it will continue to harden and you can just re-melt as needed.

Step One: Dip the tip of each Candy Corn and set along the top of the Oreo Cookie. Dip the stick into the chocolate and set on the bottom of the cookie. Then rub a thin layer of chocolate on the dry side of the Oreo and sandwich the cookie back together.

Step Two: Spread a thin layer of white chocolate on the back of the mini vanilla wafers and place on top of the Oreo Cookies.

Step Three: Buy pre-made eyes from a candy store; place a dap of white chocolate on the back and place on top of the vanilla wafer. If you want to make your own eyes use white chocolate and dark chocolate with a tooth pick (make sure to wait until the white chocolate is dry before you add the dark chocolate on top). For the beak use the tip of a candy corn and something red. We used red chocolate and cut it into pieces. Use the white chocolate for both of these to adhere them to the vanilla wafer.

I know Thanksgiving is in 2 days, but if you are up for a fun activity with the kids then GO FOR IT!!! There is still time to make these, or better yet. Buy all the stuff and have the kids make these themselves on Thanksgiving Day. Most of you bakers may even have most of this stuff on hand. I know I do. :-) My niece Cheyenne was so happy helping me make these, she is 12 years old and did so well. I actually had to help make dinner tonight and left her all alone to finish them up and they look beautiful.

We made 30 Oreo Turkey Suckers for our Thanksgiving Feast. There will be 25 people here in Oregon to celebrate Thanksgiving Day and they will all get to enjoy one of this delicious treats.

My mother-in-law had this beautiful dish, that was perfect for our Turkey Suckers! This would work as a beautiful centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table too. ENJOY-ENJOY-ENJOY! I hope you and your family have a beautiful and lovely Thanksgiving Dinner.

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