Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cake Batter Rice Krispy Treats

Here is just a simple but delicious way to transform the already yummy rice krispy treats we've made for years. I think I will need to whip up a batch of these for our 3-week motorhome trip, coming soon.

Cake Batter Rice Krispy Treats
original recipe with a twist

4 tbsp butter
1 (12 oz) bag of mini marshmallows or 1 jar marshmallow creme
1/4 cup cake mix
6 cups rice krispies cereal
1 (small) container of sprinkles

Melt butter in a large saucepan over low heat and add marshmallows or creme. Stir until they begin to melt, adding in cake mix one spoonful at a time so its combined. Stir in cereal so it is completely coated with marshmallow mixture. Sprinkle in half of the sprinkles and mix. Lay mixture into a 9x13 greased pan lined with wax paper. Sprinkle the remaining sprinkles on top and press into mixture. Cut and Serve, the extra kick of cake batter really adds to the flavor. YUM!


  1. I made this cake batter rice krispy treats yesterday by following this recipe and it was very good.Thanks for this recipe.

  2. Do you use a yellow or white cake batter mix or does it really matter or does anyone have a homemade mix they can share?

  3. I love the little sprinkles in there. I have some funfetti cake batter so we might have to try these. Thanks!

  4. Mmm these look tasty! Nice post for a favorite teat!


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