Monday, July 23, 2012

Ice Cream Cupcakes {TWC Linky Party #91 - Ice Cream Treats}

Summer Time and Ice Cream, what's not to love?

Ice Cream Cupcakes
adapted , original recipe was found at Bubbly Nature Creations

cake mix and the ingredients on the box to the make cake

First step is to make the cupcakes according to directions on your cake mix box (or if you wish make them from scratch). Line muffin tin with cupcake liners and fill only the bottom of each liner with cake (about 1/4 inch or about 1 tbsp of batter). Bake as directed, but only about half the time, becasue they are so small. About 8 to 10 minutes is all they need.. Remove from oven and cool.

ice cream (homemade or store bought, your choice)

We used store bought vanilla ice cream, mixed with sprinkles. Let ice cream defrost until it's very creamy and can be spread ontop cupcakes easily (about 1 hour out of the freezer to defrost). Once cupcakes cool completely, top them with ice cream and then freeze for about 1 to 2 hours until ice cream re-forms before topping with frosting.

Favorite Frosting Recipe or a tub of Cool Whip

Make up a batch of your favorite frosting and mix a whole bunch of sprinkles into it before topping the cupcakes.

When the ice cream is re-formed remove from freezer and top with frosting, they can then be served immediatley or can be returned to freezer and served when needed.

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This week's theme is: ICE CREAM
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  1. Perfect theme for a hot summer day! THANKS FOR HOSTING!

  2. I had already written the story when you delivered the topic. Great idea! Those cupcakes are precious. I will have to make them for my 5 year old cupcake expert :)

  3. perfect link for these hot days of summer, glad to be linking up!!


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