Monday, July 30, 2012

Pineapple Fruit Tree & Creamy Fruit Dip {TWC Linky Party #92 - Summer Fruits & Salads}

This beautiful fruit tree was so easy to make and I am so glad I attempted it.
What a HUGE success for an awesome display of Summer Fruit.

Yep, I really made this all by myself (well with a little help from the hubby). I had this idea in my head for months, I knew I was going to somehow make this for my twins graduation party. The week of the party I even bought all the fruit and a few extra pineapples. For those of you who read about my "life" my husband works 7 days a week 12 hours per day (going on almost 3 years now, so he is never home). The day before the party he took the day off to help me and YEP, I showed him this idea and said PLEASE can we make this happen. A few ideas floated around (since the pinterest pin lead to no-where-land) a trip to my dad's shop and a few tools, and we were in business.

Here is the creation we made up complete with photos and directions. I hope this saves some people alot of work, because this project is quite simple. And the stand can be saved and used over and over again. What an amazing discovery on my favorite site Pinterest, but once again no source listed. I searched forever looking for the original source of this genius idea, but nothing, so here is my version.

Simple directions on creating the Pineapple base. Large piece of wood for the base about 20" x 20", then you'll need a piece of all-thread (or some kind of very small pipe), we used all thread so we could attach a nut and bolt on the underside of the piece of wood (sorry no photos). I got a plastic serving tray (the gold plate) and had my husband also attach that permanently to the base. Once your base is complete the rest is easy. Cut off the top of the pineapple one the first pineapple, then drill a hole down the center of the pineapple, the second pineapple cut off the top and bottom, drill hole and then for the top pineapple cut off only the bottom and drill hole but not all the way through the top. We picked up some fresh palm leaves at a local flower shop (a whole bundle for only $5 bucks), but you could use fake ones too.

Pineapple Fruit Tree
recreated by Tina Hudgens, idea from Pinterest

20" x 20" piece of wood
1 piece of all-thread (pipe) - make as tall as about 3 pineapples (about 30")
Bundle of Palm Leaves
3 to 4 Pineapples
Variety of your favorite fruits cut up to bite size pieces.

Once your base is created, you can slide all the pineapples down on the piece of all-thread. Then we took the stems of the palm leaves and just pushed them into the top of the top pineapple. We cut up lots of variety of fruits and placed them all around the base, served it with this yummy fruit dip and it was a huge hit.

Creamy Fruit Dip
recipe found at Simply Real Moms

1 (8oz) pkg Cream Cheese, softened
1 (7oz) jar Marshmallow Cream
1 cup Powdered Sugar

Mix all ingredients together with an electric mixer.

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