Sunday, November 14, 2010

Strawberry POMegranate Smoothie

I try to make my lovely teenage girls (haha, most of the time they are lovely, but they are 17 years old and yes I do have TWO of them, TWINS) smoothies once a week.  It is a nice change from the normal everyday breakfast. I wish, I wish I knew where I got this smoothie recipe from (If someone recognizes it, PLEASE let me know so I can give proper credit.) Anyway, it is one of our favorites. My girls are VERY VERY picky on their smoothies because they LOVE Jamba Juice, so if my smoothie does not measure up to them, then it's no good! We have just a few recipes that we use for smoothies and this is one of them. ENJOY and HAPPY SMOOTHIE DAY!!!

Strawberry POMegranate Smoothie
recipe author unknown

2 ripe bananas
8 oz Vanilla Yogurt
4 oz POM Wonderful Juice
2 tbsp honey
12 frozen or fresh strawberries

Place all ingredients in blender in order as they appear above. (we sometimes have ripe bananas that we have thrown in the freeze to preserve, these work just as well). Blend all the ingredients well until everything is nice and smooth (or leave it a little chunky if you'd like). Make sure that the honey has not stuck to the sides; if so scrape and remix. Pour into a glass and enjoy with a straw. Complete goodness!

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  1. YUM! I think I am going to make one this morning! I actually have all of the ingredients!


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