Saturday, January 1, 2011


My first year of blogging has been amazing! I can not believe how much fun I am having cooking and blogging. Meeting other bloggers has been another highlight and it's only been 4 months since I started! I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for me!  I started this blog all because I challenged myself to cooking for one whole year (everyday making something new). I was sharing my recipes with my facebook friends and when I completed the year, I was so sad and I just wanted to continue, thus I began this blog. Read my very first post here: Welcome to my BLOG!

This year 2011, I am planning on going on a VERY strict food budget (and continuing to blog yummy recipes) along with some other strict money ideas (I am beginning the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University in 2 weeks, and I am SO excited about that also). So, I will be sharing with all of you my $150 per week family food budget (feeding 6 people) and what amazing food we will be making on our $150 BUCKS per week! We will soon see how well I do on this, as I am a bit scared about this whole new adventure!

Now let's all take a look at my TOP 10 POST (looked at by all of YOU my wonderful readers) this past year and see if these were some of your favorites too! Let me know if you made these, what did you think, did you want to make them and never got the time, did you try them and love them or hate them!!! I'd love to hear from you!
The #1 looked at Recipe was.....

My late grandma's apple cake recipe made it to #5,
so excited I have her hand written recipe here!!!

This cupcake recipe will now be in my family forever, I can not even count
how many times we've made it this year! It is everyone's favorite!

Glad to see last year's favorite is still making the Top 10 at #10 for 2010! Way to go Red Velvet Cake Balls! Still my number one requested treat for my Christmas goodie baskets I give away!


  1. I found your blog about two months ago and come here for your linky parties...haven't linked yet, but love having all the new recipes from there. :)

    I just wanted to say that $150 a week is totally do-able. I feed 5 people on $300 a month. We eat really well and have a very wide variety of tasty food to eat. I wish you luck on your journey. I am looking forward to more tasty recipes. :)

  2. It must have been hard to pic your faves because they all look SO good! I need to go look at these links!

  3. Yeah! So glad you joined the blogging world!

  4. Congrats on your first year. I always love your recipes, and I love when bloggers post top 10 recipes! Thanks for linking to Fat Camp Fridays!

  5. Hi Tina, Wow, that all looks pretty amazing. I think grandma's looks like my favorite <3. Hugs, Kim

  6. What a great look back! The mice and the melting snowmen cookies are on my list for next year! Thanks so much for linking up to Inspiration Friday this week! :-)


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