Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ole' Favorites - Lunch Recipes from 2010

We are off on our second family vacation of the Summer, Moabi at the River. (My hubby and son our on their 3rd vacation, as they do a guys only fishing trip that they just returned from 13 days ago..lucky guys). This is my kids favorite vacation of all, it's 10 days of water fun, with lots of their friends (I have twins plus one and I am taking another set of twins plus one, another other friend has triplets plus one & my other friend has two, that equals a whole lot of kids). We have several families who go with us, we get our own private beach and we have a blast. From sun-up to sun-down we are in the water playing, talking, relaxing and doing any and all kinds of water-sports, plus a few years ago the kids started making up Survivor type games each day and theme nights each night. This is a newer tradition and is so much fun, we always have 100% participation.

Here are some scrapbook pages from last year, and since I am on vacation I have pre-scheduled lots of fun recipes for you all week long. So, please stop back by and see everything I've been making so far this summer.

Today, I wanted to continue sharing with you my favorites from 2010...I've already shared Breakfast Favorites and Dinner Favorites, and today is all of my personal favorite Lunch recipes.

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