Saturday, April 14, 2012


I LOVE me a fresh Blueberry Muffin (I can't wait to bite into the muffins I froze for later). YUM! We had 96 bloggers participate. Our BIGGEST challenge ever! Thank You, Thank You to all who participated (and to all who voted, clicked and visited all the recipes posted).

I am excited today to annouce the winner, voted on by you the readers and bloggers. This is our eighth month of the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE; and it just keeps getting better and better! If you missed the post or if you are new here make sure you go back and check them out... we have 96 WONDERFUL Fresh Blueberry Muffin Recipes from the challenge last week!

The Ultimate recipe is chosen from the blog that received the most traffic/most clicks from the linky party. Did you know that our little challenge received over 29,000 hits in one week? That's wonderful and many bloggers who participate say that their challenge recipes are there most popular posts. If you want more details about this challenge or joining this challenge for next month read all about it here. Next month we will be baking and blogging about the ULTIMATE GRILL CHEESE SANDWICH. Please come join us!

Now, let's announce the April WINNER of the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE.

The Ultimate BLUEBERRY MUFFIN Recipe

Yes, it was ME! It was my recipe that received the most clicks. In eight months of this challenge - this has only happened TWICE! So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU again! I am honored! But, I didn't want to just highlight my own recipe and the second place was SO close only 3 clicks behind my recipe which is a wonderful recipe (THAT I MUST TRY) from A Nest in the Rocks.

Thank you, A Nest in the Rocks for finding this recipe over at A Cook's Quest and to MOMS CRAZY COOKING for finding the recipe over at Healthy Food for a Living. We'd like to thank you for sharing your recipe with the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE. You deserve a big round of applause and you are entitled to the ULTIMATE CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE BUTTON, please feel free to grab it below if you wish and post it proudly on your blog.


Also a BIG THANK YOU to the bloggers who participated in the challenge!

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