Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pepper Jack Grill Cheese with Apples

This years apple picking was a bit of a disappointment. We arrived for our weekend long camping trip ready to pick some apples and to our surprise there was an early freeze and no more apples to pick. BUMMER! We still enjoyed our weekend and we actually did end up finding a small apple farm that had one kind of apples to pick; Winesap Apples. I did purchase alot of apples even though I didn't get to pick them all myself and I have lots of recipes coming up with fresh apples in them! This sandwich was like nothing I have ever had before and I do already have a favorite Grill Cheese sandwich, so to try a new one was hard, but I really wanted to try it with the apples and it did not disappoint. I think I will be making this one just as often.

Pepper Jack Grill Cheese with Apples
originally found on Jana Laurene

Sour Dough Bread
Few Slices of Pepper Jack Cheese
and Fresh Apple Silces, yes apples makes this sandwich AMAZING!

Butter the outside of your bread, layer your sandwich and grill in a skillet until cheese is melted.


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