Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wizard / Witches Hats

Everything is edible, and there are no forks & plates to clean up! - Gooseberry Patch Blog

Wizard / Witches Hats
from Gooseberry Patch Halloween Cookbook

Ice Cream Cones
Melting Chocolate
Halloween Sprinkles
Kebbler Cookies, I used the kind with chocolate on one side (use this side UP)

These cookies really are EASY-PEASY! Just melt the chocolate in a bowl. (then it's better to transfer the chocolate to a large flat bowl, like a pie tin). Roll the ice cream cone in the chocolate, use a butter knife to stick inside the cone and then you don't have to touch with your hand. Sit them up right on a waxed cookie sheet and let dry. Then melt a little more chocolate and dip the ends in the chocolate to use like glue to adhere the cones to the cookie, there will be wet chocolate all around the edges when you press down and then this is when you can add the sprinkles too and they will stick! :-)

They look so cute on a plate with my MUNCHABLE MICE that I made last year.


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