Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sharing Scrapbook Pages - October 2011

My other LOVE is scrapbooking and ever since digital-scrapbooking came out... I now LOVE it even more. You can see many of my family scrapbook pages here, I try and share atleast once a month. This last month (as most of you know who already read my blog), I surprised my twin daughters with a dream trip to New York City for their 18th Birthday (and as an added bonus it was my 40th birthday too). My mom, their grandma came with us too and we had an AMAZING trip! I am so happy that I pulled off this surprise for my girls! They grow up way too fast, but I am excited about this next part of their lives.

Enjoy these pages from our trip to New York City.... (my twins tell me they are now moving to NYC after college)


  1. I love this!
    I am currently creating a scrapbook for my best friend based on her adventures in New York city!!
    she is there for a year so its going to be massive but i love looking at what others have doen and this is by far the greatest i have seen>>

  2. Awesome scrapbook pages! You are a really great mom, you know; surprising your daughters with a trip to NYC. What program did you use for the digital scrapbook? Also, just a quick question, are those two boxes of “Nerds” for real? They’re huge!

    Max Macbeth


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