Friday, September 14, 2012



I am excited about the continuation of the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE, the new simple rules, the easy link up and excited about all the information being delivered in one post (on the 7th of every month), no more pouring through 100+ emails every week. Yes, I really think I am gonna LOVE LOVE the new CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE. You can click on the tab and read all about the challenge and join us next month as we search for the ULTIMATE Apple Pie.

The Ranch Dressing Challenge was a good way to re-start this challenge and with the short notice I am so happy that a handful of you went out of your way to join in on the FUN! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I learned some great new ways to make Ranch Dressing and I am excited to try them, of course I PINNED my favorites.

I am excited today to announce the winner of the challenge, voted on by you the readers and bloggers. If you missed the post or if you are new here make sure you go back and check them out... we have 21 DELICIOUS Ranch Dressing / Dip Recipes from the challenge last week!

The Ultimate Recipe is chosen from the blog that received the most traffic/most clicks from the linky party. Did you know that our little LAST MINUTE challenge received almost 10,000 hits in one week. You guys are AMAZING!

Now, let's announce the September WINNER of the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE.

The Ultimate RANCH DRESSING Recipe

We'd like to thank you for sharing your recipe with the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE. You deserve a big round of applause and you are entitled to the ULTIMATE CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE BUTTON, please feel free to grab it below if you wish and post it proudly on your blog.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the bloggers who participated.



  1. Woo Hoo! Thanks Tina! There were so many great recipes, I made a very long list of the ones I want to try!!

  2. I am sad that your winner used a package mix for her recipe. Anyone can do that. The challenge I had hoped for was the perfect home made ranch dressing recipe. I just misunderstood your goal I guess. Sounds like a good recipe though.

  3. Dona~ Sorry I didn't respond sooner but I just saw your comment.

    The rules said nothing about being home made. You were to "display our ULTIMATE recipe we found or created". To me, the ultimate recipe is one that...first, tastes great and second, is quick and easy. But, you're right, anyone can use a package mix. Likewise, anyone can measure and mix the few ingredients that are in the mix. Using the mix just saved me a few steps.


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