Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NEW & IMPROVED Crazy Cooking Challenge

The CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE is a monthly themed linky party, that we all make the SAME type of recipe and we all post on the SAME day each month (which will be the 7th of every month). We are now in our second year of this theme recipe challenge (see all of the past months at the bottom of this post). And now we are back and on the look out for the next ULTIMATE RECIPE.

I know it's only a couple of days away, but I thought a post here on my blog would be the fastest way to inform all of the past participants, we are posting on the 7th of September, the ULTIMATE Ranch Dressing/Ranch Dip.

All of the new rules are under the tab CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE, but I've also listed them below too. It's pretty simple and easy to join in.
Welcome to the all NEW and IMPROVED

This linky party is a little different then most. This CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGES all of us to go out and find the ULTIMATE recipe for one particular type of food item. Then each month on the 7th of every month, we all post together and display our ULTIMATE recipe we found or created, the linky party is attached to every one's post for all of blogland to enjoy and to help us VOTE on the ULTIMATE RECIPE.
I can't wait to continue on this tradition of posting together once a month, and plus welcome many more bloggers to join us for this CRAZY & FUN once a month challenge. I have streamlined all of the rules, no more signing up, no emails for me to send out and no more making sure you email me your URL to link you up. It's taken us a few months to get where we are today, but I hope everyone will join and play along at this CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE. Please help us in searching out for the ULTIMATE recipe.


For those of you who have already participated this past year, you know how this is done, check out the NEW & IMPROVED information here. If you are new here then here is the low down.
  • Each month there is a THEME food item. You can create a new recipe, find a recipe in a cookbook, or find it anywhere in blog land (we aren't picky just stick with the theme, if you don't stick with the theme your recipe will be deleted). Then on the 7th of the month, we will all post together the ULTIMATE recipe that we came up with (you can NOT link up an old recipe, it must be posted LIVE on the 7th).  There is a particular theme item each month and below you can see what's coming up, so you have plenty of time to seek out the best recipe.
  • There are TWO things that MUST be included in your post (or you will be removed from the linky party). This will make our linky party stronger and hits higher for all of our blogs. If you'd like to play along, please make sure these two things are included.

        1. You MUST include the CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE BUTTON (see code above)

          2. The BLOG HOP MUST also be included in your post. The blog hop code will be on my
              site at midnight (on the bottom of my post) on the 7th of every month.

  • We hope this is easy and simple for everyone to come along and jump on board this wild and crazy cooking challenge, we welcome everyone to play along (please just make sure to include the above items) and you'll be all set to go.
If you have any questions you can email me at We hope you join us in the AWESOME CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE.

Just an FYI - CRAZY COOKING CHALLENGE is always on the 7th of every month and my post will be posted by 12:00 am on the 7th. You can post anytime that day and you will have 48 hours to link up your ULTIMATE recipe before the linky party closes. Here are the upcoming themes.

September 7, 2012 - RANCH DRESSING /RANCH DIP
October 7, 2012 - APPLE PIE
November 7, 2012 - STUFFING Recipes
December 7, 2012 - PERFECT SUGAR COOKIES

This Linky Party is in it's second year and below are all the great challenges we have accomplished so far. Check them out, it's a great resource for finding a whole bunch of recipes all in one place.

Challenge #1 - MACARONI & CHEESE
Challenge #3 - MASHED POTATOES
Challenge #4 - FUDGE
Challenge #6 - CHOCOLATE CAKE
Challenge #7 - SPAGHETTI with RED SAUCE
Challenge #10 - FRUIT SMOOTHIES
Challenge #11 - FRIED CHICKEN
Challenge #12 - CHEESECAKE


  1. Awesome! I am super busy this week with the folks coming for the weekend and getting ready to "move" as soon as we are able to pick up the new RV, but this is simple enough that I think I can swing it! Yippee!!

  2. Whew.... this doesn't leave me much time but I've been out of the blogging loop all summer. Just didn't have the enthusiasm for it with having had three surgeries this past year. I loved being part of the crazy cooking challenge and look forward to the new changes. Glad you are back with it!

  3. I'm so glad you're doing this still! But two days? Yoikes. I can't pull it together in time but I can't wait for next month!

  4. I'm not a fan of ranch or apple pie. So I probably won't join in again until November or December :( Excited that CCC is continuing though - I thought you were ending it completely!

  5. Woo Hoo!! So glad you're doing it again!
    I love ranch... especially as a dip for pizza!!

  6. YaaaaY!! I've been looking forward to this. Love the new rules!! Thanks so much, Tina.

  7. Oh good! I'm glad you decided to continue with the Crazy Cooking Challenge. Your "new and improved" rules should make things a whole lot easier for you! Thanks for hosting the challenge :)

  8. I made a late-night run to the grocery store last night and whipped up my Ranch dressing early this morning, so it could have a chance to set up and develop great flavor by dinner tonight. Definitely could have used more time, but I am glad the CCC is back; I was very sad that it was over. Are we still posting on the 7th in October? At one point you had mentioned moving it if the 7th fell on a Saturday or Sunday.

  9. Thanks everyone! Yes, I know it's short notice (as of Monday I was still not sure what to do, but a little encouragement from a friend - THANKS NICOLE) and my brain started turning. If you an participate in Ranch Dressing - GREAT, if not come back next month for Apple Pie. I LOVE LOVE all your comments and support. THANK YOU ALL so much!

    And all of you who are running out to whip up some RANCH DRESSING - YOU GUYS ROCK.. thanks a million!

  10. I"m super excited that the CCC is back on! It helped me branch out to new recipes for the challenges I participated in! I'm about to run out and get my ingredients for my dressing! So excited! Happy Treats! :)

  11. I am really looking forward to the challenges!

  12. I found out about this right as it ended, so I am so glad it is back! Can't wait to participate for October!

  13. Next month I'm playing! I feel bad I missed the Ranch Dressing challenge because I know I have the winner! I'll see you next month--with my game face on!


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