Thursday, September 20, 2012

HAPPY 2nd BLOGiversary to ME! {a little late}

494 RECIPES AND COUNTING... and it's time to FINALLY celebrate my 2nd BLOGiversary, I wish I had a cupcake made to share with all of you. I just finished updating my Recipe Index, something I am very proud of, since I have to hand type in all the recipes, I use it every day looking up old recipes. I hope you take a minute to check it out, RECIPE INDEX.

I can't believe I missed my own BLOGiversary, yep, I did! It was 2 weeks ago, September 7th. For those that follow know I have been a little preoccupied, my twin daughters went to college. Yes, college everyone does it, but they also moved away 1837 miles to St. Charles, Missouri. It's bitter sweet, but it makes it so much easier that they are having the TIME OF THEIR LIFE, a few bumps here and there (dead car battery, flooded car in first rain storm, a hurricane warning and a chipped tooth, and landed two jobs, all in the first 3 weeks and they are still smiling), but all in all it's been by far the best experience ever. Of course, I miss them like crazy! (Yep, I will be hopping on a plane Tuesday to go visit), for their 19th Birthday and to see them dance at the Cardinals Baseball game. SUPER DUPER COOL! And, my hotel room comes complete with a full kitchen. I've already made my 5-day menu plan, they want REAL FOOD!

Back to my BLOGiversary, I am into my second year now blogging and still loving it. Read here about how it all began two years ago, September 7, 2010 or take a look at where I was last year.

Let's talk money? Blogging = Money and yes I've made a little and it's actually picking up some. Calculating my earnings to date $1665 dollars, in freebies and payments. Not alot when you consider it's been 2 years, and that amounts to about $65 per month, but honestly I would blog for FREE, so an extra $1665 bucks in my pocket, I am EXCITED.

And it's all thanks to you my readers and friends, without you guys blogging would just not be as fun. THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I enjoy and read every comment and truly do appreciate you.  Now let's see how my little piece of the blog world is doing...

My Most Popular Post
This recipe was made on a whim and I never even imagined that it would become so popular.

My Most Requested Recipe
This is by far the most requested (and favorite) recipe in my house. I will be making a batch or TWO of this dip when I am in Missouri next week. (Serve with Kettle chips and you will never make regular onion dip EVER again, I Promise)

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Thank YOU! Thank YOU! If you need an invite to Pinterest send me your email address. Pinterest is AWESOME, enough said.

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My monthly visitors
In my first month of blogging, September 2010 (2164 visitors), Last year in September 2011 (22,722 visitors) and last month August 2012 (we had 72,737 visitors). I am BEYOND THRILLED.

My world-wide readers
United States 543,158 / Canada 28,470 / Russia 10,177 / United Kingdom 6,718 /  Germany 4,409 / Australia 3,945 / Netherlands 1,112 / Philippines 879 / India 695 / France 649
Russia wasn't on my list last year at all. It's SO amazing seeing that my recipes and my blog are being read all over the world! THANK YOU to all my International Readers.

My Blog Adventures
I have two linky party and challenges that are still going strong.



Thank you everyone, for your comments, your support and your friendships! I LOVE BLOGGING!!!


  1. I know how you feel about your twins moving to college! My twin daughters moved to college a couple of years ago. It's so exciting yet so much of a change for everyone. Have a great trip next week, and Happy Blog-o-versary!

  2. Congratulations!!!! I love your blog! Cheers to you! I look forwar to many more years of your blog!!!

  3. Congratulations and happy blogiversary! Okay, where the heck did you get that candy cane pudding?!?! I need to find that!


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