Saturday, September 25, 2010


To my beautiful daughters,

Kayley (left) & Ashlyn
10 months old
WOW, 17 years old today! This next year is gonna go by SO fast! This CRAZY MOM just wants to stop time; but I am also SO excited to watch you grow up into such AWESOME LADIES! I am so proud to be your mother. God has so many plans for you.... Dating, College, Dancing and so much more! I LOVE watching year after year the amazing things you do. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!

My babies born September 25, 1993 (weighting in at 7lbs 8oz and 7lbs 12 oz; HUGE for twins)! You were AWESOME babies for me (and being a single mom) I was SO VERY grateful! You slept through the night at 6 weeks old, what more could a new mommy ask for! Sleeping, Eating, Napping all went so perfectly until you became a toddler and got a mind of your own!
The toddler years playing, fighting, biting. Oh yes, biting and then biting some more! You drew blood, made bruises on one another and wrestled each other to the ground. (Oh, wait SOMETHINGS haven't changed... JK).

Ashlyn (left) & Kayley
3 years old
Preschool began and you loved it. Loved playing with other kids and enjoyed going (most of the time). And since you guys wouldn't talk for forever and ever, you enjoyed taking your name tags off of each other and mixing the teacher up so she didn't know who was who (and you don't think you look alike, huh). And the times you weren't at preschool you spent with your Grandma (later nicknamed G'ma). You spent hours and hours with Grandma, days and days with Grandma too! (sometimes, mom just needed to get away for a weekend or two)

Then began your movie career (well it actually started with your first interview at 15 days old). And boy did we have a lot of fun taking you to movie sets when you were younger, they would spoil all the children on the sets (toys to play with, food and whatever you needed). You both enjoyed it too and the memories, the movies, VHS tapes and the videos you have from all the different acting things you did will be a cherished memory that you will have forever.  

Garrett, Ashlyn, Kayley, Brenda & Adam

Jessica, Nicole, Kayley & Ashlyn
your first slumber party
You have AMAZING Friends that you will have for a lifetime. I meet great moms in the Mothers of Twins Club (and still today most of my good friends are ladies I meet when I was pregnant with you two) and their children soon became your best friends. I am so happy that still today you have these WONDERFUL friendships that can never be taken away. These five people are your closest and dearest friends who I know will be there for you in the next coming year as you continue to grow and in the following years after that as you all make your way into young adulthood. The memories you have shared with these five people make up your entire life! Playing, Sleepovers, Camping, Vacationing, Dance/Cheer Competitions, Holidays, Disneyland, Just Hanging Out and so much more! And then when you were 11 years old we got to move onto the same street as the twins and now you've been able to grow up on the same street as your best friends, HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

Kayley (left) & Ashlyn
When you were 3 years old another AMAZING person came into your life, the person you call DAD! He has been there for you every step of the way, he adopted you and you are "his daughters". I thank God everyday for bringing you such a hard working and amazing daddy! You girls are SO LUCKY!!!

You have two terrific brothers too, (although you don't always get along) I know you all love each other and I can't wait to see how your relationships grow with one another as you become adults.

Kayley (left) & Ashlyn
First Dance Team "RugRats"

You two are so devoted to everything you do. I am so proud of you for being on a WORLDS dance team last year and coming in 2nd place, your team did amazing and ROCKED IT OUT!!! I can remember in the old days me trying and trying so hard to get you to like something. Anything. We tried it all. Baseball; you'd let the ball go right through your legs. Soccer; you BOTH had to be goalie at the same time and when you didn't feel like running down the field you would just walk off and take a break. Then we found "IT" the "IT" we had been waiting for and it was competitive cheer and competitive dance. And you LOVED it the first day you left the gym dripping in sweat and you said "when can we go back". You started at 8 years old and haven't stopped yet. We rearrange our entire life for cheer and dance competitions, we cancel vacations and come home early, we travel from California to Minnesota just to watch you get out there and dance your hearts out. And everyday you want it MORE... MORE.. and MORE!!! You have danced and cheered up to 6 days a week for 2 or 3 hours a day and you still want to go back for more. This has been your life. This is your passion and it's so good to see you LOVE and ENJOY it so much! (believe me there have been plenty of tears and hard aches along the way, but you get right back up and try harder)

Kayley (left) & Ashlyn
Worlds Dance Team - 2nd Place (2010)
I cannot even begin to tell you how proud of you I am in your school work. Achieving what you have from where you came from is beyond belief. I know you guys will do amazing things with your life and I am so excited about your future. This next year is going to be another amazing year of growth as you spend your last year as a child and become a young adult! GO GET’EM GIRLS!!! I LOVE YOU AND I AM SO PROUD TO BE YOUR MOM!

“But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Luke 18:16


  1. Awww how nice to see their baby pics and till now. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughters I know they had a wonderful day with their Mom!!

  2. Wonderful tribute to your daughters!!!!!!!!!!


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