Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sharing a few AWESOME scrapbook pages to help inspire some of you to start your own scrapbooks (and if you are a blogger, then you are probably great on the computer!) Digital Scrapbooking is AMAZING StoryBook Creator PLUS from Creative Memories, (and for you MAC users the MAC version comes out November 2010) and yes I am a BUSY CRAZY MOM and I still have time to scrapbook, so YOU CAN TOO!!!

My Family
One of our many camping trips, twins riding horses!
Camping and GEOCACHING (an amazing scavenger hunt around the world)
First Time at Oak Glen (but not during apple season)!


  1. Great work!! love the geocache page I am trying to do a few of my own... I have never done digital sccrapbooking tho yours are great :)


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