Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cookies in a Jar

Don't they look so CUTE?
As I searched and searched the Internet for a "Cookie in the Jar" recipe I did not anticipate that it was going to be so difficult. My girls were going to be handing these out as party favors for their birthday party and we needed the recipe now! The few recipes I found (and tried) would NOT fit into my jar! This were just average size mason jars you can pick them up almost anywhere, I am not sure what these other people were using but the ingredients did NOT fit. After much frustration and finally succeeding we were VERY happy with this recipe from All Recipes. The ingredients was easy, it all fit into the jar nicely and we enjoyed the taste of the cookies very much! (Yes, we had to bake a batch too, because what if they didn't taste good, why would we want to hand them out to all their friends!) 

The recipe above pretty much explains it all! Buy some mason jars, get all the ingredients (you need kind of a lot, we made 12 of them), and then start your assembly line and fill, fill, fill. These are GREAT party favors, teacher gifts and of course they work wonderful for Christmas time. Pass them around to the neighbors too (they will love 'em). We bought some cheap fabric and cut into nice 6"x6" squares, get yourself some cute ribbon and you are ready to go! Below is the "actual" recipe that MUST be attached to the jar, so your friends and family will know how to make the cookies after you pass them out. Just print these out and attach either to the back, staple to the fabric or glue to the actual mason jar. Just make a few of these up and you are ONE step ahead of the game when it comes time to pass out teacher gifts at school, holidays are just around the corner and will be here before you know it (how CUTE would these be with the NEW fall M&M's I just spotted at Target yesterday!!!)

(click on this photo and print out to attach to cookie jar)

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