Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shrinkvivor Challenge (Week 2 - DOWN .2)

BLACK TEAM ROCKED IT THIS WEEK, we survived week 2 !!!
Another week behind us, and even with a birthday party, I survived. So, week 2 down and 5 more weeks to go! The BLACK TEAM had a few inner-challenges of our own and some I made and some I didn't. Our challenges this week were "minutes of exercise" and "NO fast food"; then we added "rolling out of bed for 10 minutes of sit-ups/floor exercise" and "trying to reach 120-200 minutes of exercise each day".
WATER - WATER - WATER I still tried to hit the 120oz of water (challenge from week 1) and I can say about half way through the week, I was SO sick of water. But I picked it back up and I can honestly say WATER does help with weight loss. So, DRINK YOUR WATER!
MINUTES OF EXERCISE... I was doing SO well at the beginning of the week. Each day I get in 35 minutes of Boot Camp and I up'd the minutes by adding in walking, exercise DVD or swimming. I did not reach my OWN challenge of doing 120-200 minutes of exercise each day, but I can tell you I DOUBLED my exercise everyday this week and it felt GREAT! Although not showing on the scale as much as it did last week (with a loss of 4.2), I can really start to tell in my clothes feeling so much looser. (and people are starting to noticed, that is a sure sign you can tell you are loosing weight; when people notice).
NO FAST FOOD: enough said. I DID IT! I really did not go through one drive through this week and not even one restaurant either. So, proud of myself.
ROLL OUT OF BED EXERCISE: this is such a great habit, and well exactly that it MUST become a habit. Somedays I was able to roll right out of bed onto the floor and do some sit-ups and other days I was running late and did try to do them right before bed. I even went to bed at 2am on the night of my twins sleep-over and there I was at 2am on the floor doing my exercises. I was proud and need to continue to PUSH myself to do this everyday!
The SHRINKVIVIOR CHALLENGE is helping me to PUSH MYSELF when I am tired, PUSH MYSELF when I don't want to do that extra 30 minutes of exercise and PUSH MYSELF that extra step because I know my tribe members are pushing themselves too and it's a TEAM EVENT and I want to be a strong team member. Today is weight in and all week I have done TWICE as much exercise as last week, ate LESS food and the scale was NOT my friend this morning. I only lost .2 lbs. Now, I ask was this my body saying....
"HOLD ON WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" (I LOST 4.4 lbs last week)
"WAS THIS MY LACK OF EXERCISE?" (No, I did DOUBLE the exercise this week)
"WAS IT BIRTHDAY PARTY FOOD?" (I did only taste everything, that can't be it)???
I am still not sure of the answer, but I do know in my heart I did EVERYTHING I could to loose weight and it just didn't happen this week. Am I giving up? HECK NO!! I really hope I make it another week with my tribe and NOT get sent to Exile Island, the daily emails from these ladies are SO valuable!

Total Weight Loss

Down 4.4 lbs

First Week’s Weight:
Today’s Weight:

this week loss:
Challenge goal weight (in 7 weeks):
Ultimate goal weight:

LIFE-TIME Goal would be to be in the 130’s, and yes I don’t even care if it’s 139. I am posting my weight here (because on The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans they say Coming to terms with the number on the scale can aid you in your weight-loss”)
Here's to 5 more weeks to go on this ULTIMATE SHRINKVIVOR CHALLENGE!


  1. How about muscles weighing more that fat, I bet that's it! :) Just keep on keeping on...

  2. Thanks Rae, yes I HOPE that is it! I weighted again this morning and YAHOOOOO I am down 1 more pound. So, I am HAPPY with results overall! That's 5.4 lbs total!

  3. I think the only thing that matters is that it's going down! Your body is probably freaking out after last week. :-)

    I finally lost (after my 0.2 gain last week)...down 3.8!!!


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