Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monster Cookies (NO Peanut Butter) and "COOKIE Scavenger Hunt"

Today is my BLOG'S ONE MONTH BIRTHDAY.... I am so glad I started this adventure and I can't wait to see where it brings me. I am having so much fun and meeting great people along the way. Onto BLOGGING now! ENJOY!

We are finally at the last recipe from my Twin Daughters 17th Birthday Party that we threw last month! It's taken me weeks to report to all of you the yummy recipes we had.

Cookies in a Jar (we used as party favors)
and of course 2 Delicious Cakes

The day party and evening party was full of family, friends and good times. And until next years party.... here is the last recipe! We did an awesome TWIST on this recipe and we had a scavenger hunt. Yes, a scavenger cookie hunt. It was incredible and all of the teenage girls had a blast running from neighbor to neighbor trying to find all the ingredients to make "Monster Cookies".  First we had to find the PERFECT Monster Cookie Recipe (and it was hard trying to find Monster Cookies with NO PEANUT BUTTER, one of the guests is allergic). But we found the perfect recipe over at Allrecipes.

The Scavenger Hunt part of this recipe was very interesting.

We divided up the girls into two teams and gave them the list of ingredients (they were only allowed to get 2 items from each house). That part was easy. The measuring and mixing of the ingredients was the hard part. One teams cookies (came out very salty, then they remembered that the nice neighbor lady just gave them a small baggie filled of salt and they just threw it into the mix without measuring it first), the other teams came out PERFECT (this is their photo of the cookies above). I had given them large plastic baggies and measuring cups (some used these and some did not). All of the houses the girls went to were very helpful and thought this was such a CUTE idea. The great thing about MONSTER COOKIES is that you can collect a variety of different ingredient fillers (Raisins, Marshmallows, M&M's , Chocolate Chips, different kinds of nuts and so much more) and the cookies still come out yummy!

After collecting all the ingredients (I had extra ingredients at home just in case they didn't find everything), all the girls came back and I had the kitchen table all set up for them to mix together their cookies and bake them. It was a little bit of a race, but it was so close, the only prize was the bragging rights as to who's cookie came out better (which was obvious because of the extra salt in the one batch).
So, lets just say this was so much fun! and what a great twist on a Scavenger Hunt. (Click on the images below to print the scavenger hunt (and/or recipe) to have your very own "COOKIE SCAVENGER HUNT"


  1. This was the second from scratch cookie recipe that I've tried, and they turned out great! Thanks so much. The scavenger hunt is also a great idea for a party game. Very fun! I will definitely be using this recipe for years to come. I can't wait to check out more of your recipes! :D


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