Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BBQ Pizza

BBQ Pizza (at the birthday party). Here is another recipe from my girls birthday party! (I made so MUCH food it's taken me two weeks to get you all the recipes). This was our FIRST attempt at BBQ Pizza's and it won't be our last. It was a lot of fun and they turned out FABULOUS!!!

For this first attempt we purchased pre-made pizza dough at a local market called Fresh n' Easy. We let the dough get to room temperature and then split the dough in fourths (this way we'd have small dough for more individual sized pizza's). But actually even splitting them in fourths (they could have been shared by two people).

We made a homemade pizza sauce, but store bought could be used too. I also set out Pesto and Alfredo sauce to make a specialty pizza. We cooked up the toppings that need to be cooked ahead of time and had them all set out for the girls to create their own master piece pizza.

I had five recipes that I had cut out (yes, really five) plus the help of my good friend who had made them once before. I read all the recipes and came up with a combination of all of them together. I will be making these again soon and doing some more experimenting along the way (maybe even trying homemade dough next time). And, of course I will post all about it!


1. Leave dough on the counter to bring to room temperature.Toss dough with your hands until you have it at the desired size and thickness. (this is best done with dough that is not fresh out of the refrigerator. ) They don't exact come out perfectly round, but none the less they are fun fun fun!
2. Sprinkle a cookie sheet with olive oil and a little bit of spices (basil, red pepper or whatever you wish). Brush and/or Dip each pizza dough in the olive oil mixture. You will need to keep adding more after each dough depending on how many you make. (Do not add too much olive oil because they are too hard to BBQ)
3. Heat the BBQ to medium heat or lower. It may need to be turned down so that the crust does not burn while cooking. The trick here is to cook ONE side of the dough completely and then turn the dough over and cook only for a minute or two, just so that the dough is no longer sticky. (Reason being, is that after you add the topping's on the COMPLETELY done side, the UN-DONE side will be the side you lay back down on the BBQ to finish cooking and to melt the cheese)
4. Once pizza doughs are finished the assembly line can begin. (The doughs can be BBQ'd hours before a party, which will save you alot of time after your guests arrive). We layed everything out in the kitchen and gave each person a pizza dough on a cookie sheet and let them create their very own pizza masterpiece. (Remembering they need to load up the COMPLETELY DONE side of the dough, so that when they take it back to the BBQ the NOT-SO-DONE side will then be layed onto the BBQ to finish cooking.) Once they were ready they walked their pizza out to the BBQ CHEF (which in this case was me... and I am NOT the usual BBQ'er). We placed all the pizza's on the BBQ the dough finishes cooking and the toppings are hot and the cheese melts. Out comes a "PERFECT BBQ PIZZA"


  1. Oh how fun! You should definitely do your own dough. I have a recipe that is so easy it's not even funny, and I will never go back to store bought again. When we get a grill someday, I'm going to try this!

  2. Hi Tina,
    The pizzas you made look so delicious! I love the different sauces you put on to embellish the common pizza recipe. I also notice that your daughters helped you bake your pizza. I think it is great to have your children help you cook. Have you ever thought about having your son help? Children that cook are more aware of the nutrients and vitamins that are in their food as well as the portions they are eating.

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    We are looking for bloggers to help us spread the word and document their experiences every week cooking and eating together. You can even designate Monday on your family calendar for the kids to cook. Please contact me if you are interested:


  3. Yum - I love BBQ chicken pizzas.


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