Saturday, October 9, 2010

MOM'S Potatoes

Cheesy, creamy, delicious potatoes with little bit of crunch. My mom has made this recipe for years (I believe we found it on a box or on the back of a bag somewhere along the line, it was actually typed in my very first cookbook from years ago), it's nothing new and fancy, but boy is it delicious. I think some of our family might just show up at our parties just to eat these YUMMY potatoes. Any BBQ, get-together, or family function these potatoes are the number one requested item. So, here is the delicious potato recipe for you to try and now that this recipe is published here on my blog, my mother will not have to type and re-type over and over again every time someone requests this AWESOME recipe.

This is a page from my Second Cookbook; A Collection of Family Recipes that I made into a
scrapbook/cookbook using Storybook Creator Plus 3.0
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  1. Those sound amazing! Thanks for the recipe.. I might give them a try at Thanksgiving for something new.


  2. YUM! I love all things potatoes. And I really love the idea of crunchy add ins. What a great post - thanks for sharing your childhood favorite. And your mom is my new hero for finding this recipe!


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