Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SHRINKVIVOR Challenge (Week 3, Down 2.4 lbs More)

Well, it happened! I celebrated my 39th birthday this last weekend! One year ago on my 38th birthday I joined a She Rocks Boot Camp and was ready once and for all to GET-FIT! I am here to say, I've come a long way in one year, but I am not finished yet!

The number ONE thing that has happened to me this year is realizing what healthy food is and what fast food has done to my body (and my stomach)! My twin daughters (17 years old) have come along with me on this journey and I can say with out a doubt that we have learned some very valuable LIFE-LESSONS that we will take with us forever! I am so thankful for all the learning and growing we have done over this past year. And as a mother I am SO grateful that I was able to teach them these lessons before they left home.

Now on to the challenge and MY TEAM... we did AWESOME once again! The 5 of us that are left are ALL GO-GETTERS and I am so happy to be on a team with all of them! (Check out their blogs and journey's here).

We are into week 3 now and the scale was definitely my friend this morning and I couldn't be happier. I was less-focused on exercising this week and more focused on food choices and it paid off after last weeks low weight loss I was SO happy to see that new number this morning.

WATER - WATER - WATER.... The challenge from week 1 continues and it has become second nature and it's SO easy now to drink 6 bottles of water a day! And I can tell you that from all the things I've been doing to help me loose weight this has been key. I had one diet coke this week (my first in 3 weeks) and it tasted like pure syrup, I couldn't even finish it GROSS. (I am sure my boot camp trainer would be happy to here that!)
NO FAST FOOD: enough said. I DID IT (AGAIN)!
FRUITS & VEGGIES: I have been doing SO well with my eating all day (and as you all know this is a food blog and YES I do eat almost everything I post, with very few exceptions). You are all watching what I am eating and I am STILL loosing weight. It has to do with healthy breakfast, healthy snacks, healthy lunch and sensible dinner. I snack on carrots, apples, grapes, cucumbers, oranges, I try NO carbs all day. Lunch is turkey (NO bread) or a Salad and dinner is whatever I make (NO SECONDS, no matter how good it is). If it's that good, I save the left overs for the next day's dinner. And I eat one protein bar a day, right before my workout. And that's's successful and I am loosing weight!!
The SHRINKVIVIOR CHALLENGE is a 7 week challenge and we are in week 3. I am so looking forward to the next 4 weeks and seeing where it takes me. The NEW challenge will be announced tomorrow and I can't wait to get right on it. This challenged has PUSHED ME and helped me exactly where I needed it the most, and I am forever grateful. I know the next few weeks are going to get harder and harder as I am coming onto my "plato" weight between 150-155. Every time I get down that low, I just stay there forever and ever. So, I am gonna have to push HARDER then I ever have before and be MORE DEDICATED then I ever have before. And I know I WILL GET PAST THIS... I WILL SUCCEED. 
 First Week’s Weight:
Today’s Weight:

this week LOSS:
2.40 lbs
Ultimate goal weight:


the blank photo spots are for my NEW 40 YEAR OLD SELF on October 2, 2011; Wish me LUCK!!!

LIFE-TIME Goal would be to be in the 130’s, and yes I don’t even care if it’s 139. I am posting my weight here (because on The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans they say Coming to terms with the number on the scale can aid you in your weight-loss”)
Here's to 4 more weeks to go on this ULTIMATE SHRINKVIVOR CHALLENGE!


  1. I'm so proud of you, Tina! You've really taken every single aspect of this challenge seriously and it is totally paying off for you. WOOT!!!!!

    I'm so happy to hear that you're teaching your daughters, too. You are such a positive influence on them, and they seem to be on you as well :)


  2. Tina you are doing so great!!!! Good job and keep it up! You will reach your ultimate goal and it is so nice that you are getting your daughters involved with it!!!!
    We have the best tribe I agree :)

  3. yaaaay! you are doing so fantastic and working SO hard! you will be in the 130s with your dedication!

  4. Looking pretty good! Keep up the great work!

    Here's my post:

  5. Great job! Those pictures speak a thousand words. Don't keep up the no carbs thing forever...they are good for you in moderation (I say this because I love carbs and will forever be their advocate :-). I ended up losing a pound after all, and that was with my PMS induced lack of motivation to exercise. Whoohoo! I was so excited to see that, especially with all of the bacon and rice I've eaten this week. I'm now at my plateau weight as well (142) - wishing us both luck to get off the plateau and on to the 130s!!!

  6. Thank You, Thank You Everyone! This has been a GREAT kick in the butt for me!

  7. Awesome!! You have done a great job! It feels so good to have the family on board with you and I love that you are helping your daughters learn these healthy habits before they are out on their own!! Way to go, mom!!

  8. Thanks again EVERYONE, you guys ROCK and I appreciate the encouragement.


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