Friday, October 8, 2010

Cucumber Chicken Salad

Friday's at MOMS CRAZY COOKING "recipe only"
This recipe comes from Taste of Home, ENJOY!

Also posted at FOODIE FRIDAY


  1. I don't like cucumber, but your photo makes that look good!

  2. My house sounds a lot like yours - full of teens! I do confess though, I'm not in boot camp (although it wouldn't be a bad idea).


  3. Tina I made this for lunch the other day, and not only was it simple and soooo good, MY picky kids LOVED IT!! Now they beg for it everyday!! YUMMY! thanks!!``Sherrie

  4. (the country cook)try the recipe with another vegetable... maybe it will be outstanding with zucchini too! Let me know if you try it?

    (butteryum) Yes, teenagers I think are sometimes harder then babies, but we love them all the same. :-)

    (sherrie) I am so happy to here your clan loves it too. I haven't made this again, since we try new recipes every week, but it is one of my favorites!



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