Monday, October 4, 2010

Family Meal Planning (Week 10-4-10)

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Here's to another week of GREAT recipes. My entire family is LOVING this "Meal Planning". We all pick out recipes (or mostly just me) but I take requests from everyone. It has made my life SO EASY! I pick the recipes (from my book, from memory or just some ole' favorites); I make a grocery list (Sunday/Monday is my new grocery days); I post the list in the kitchen and I NEVER have to think what I am going to make and I KNOW that I have all the ingredients to make what's on my list (that IS the best part, never having to run back to the store) and spending less money (because fewer trips to the store)! This is a WIN-WIN for everyone! I would love to hear about your families "meal planning" or if you'd like to share with me and others leave a link in the comments.

Click on the links below for the actual recipe
(not all recipes will become reality so if there is not a link, we haven't made it yet or wasn't worth posting)

Tarragon Egg Salad
CheeseSteak Sliders
Steak Fries
Apple Coffee Cake

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